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saenz5 02-29-2004 11:39 AM

Th 350 Detent problem.. Any body??
Hey, I have a '86 1/2 ton Chevy P/U. We swapped the 305 with a 350. When we were puling the 305 out the detent cable got snagged between the lift chain and block. The cable lifted the trans up about 5 inches. I ended up buying a new cable because the old one snapped off of the trans, But the cable didn't break only the outer plastic. Now the 670 holley pulls the cable right off the bracket. Just like as if it has too much travel. I'm thinking that inside the trans pan the linkage has to be bent pretty bad. My question is how will i know if it is bent? I changed outt the trans filter and broken detent cable and it looked fine. On regular driving it runs good and shifts smoothly. On WOP acceleration. The cable gets pulled out of the plastic retainer. It'll really take off. From 0-30 mph it goes but from 1st to 2nd shift it seems to hesitate in acceleration (about 35 to 50 mph), Then 50 on up its great. Any place i can see a picture of the detent valve on the trasmission so i can compare to mine?:)

Thom Laybourne 03-01-2004 02:38 PM

TV Cable
Sounds like you are talking about the TV cable from the trans to the throttle plate. It also sounds like you are now running a 350 engine with a 350 transmission now. If all this is correct, then you need to get a TV cable adjustment procedure. Full open throttle and fully pulled cable should match. Release and the carb will return further than the TV cable. I am not sure, but there is nothing inside the transmission that you can bend by over pulling the cable. Might have bent the bracket at the carb.

hr41pearl :cool:

Crosley 03-02-2004 07:14 AM

Yes , the linkage inside the t-350 tranny can be bent.

From your post it sounds like it got bent from the engine removal.

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