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cutthroatkid 05-27-2012 11:47 PM

th 350 question
Hey fellas maybe a year ago I made a post asking some info on my tranny problem,havent had the time or $ to get to it.So now Im gettong closer to getting to ot.So let me ask this as I noticed something new...first here's what happend.Had a motor built by local high performance shop&maybe put 100 miles on it after I dropd it in.Decided to park it till spring when I could get to doing more work to it,piant,interior posi etc.That wws 2 winters ago.Well about a month after I parked it I went to pull ot out of garage to get my old mans car in the barn to swap him a starter out,Went out fine.Went to start her a hour later or however long it took&only had was snowing&I addd tranny fluid&noticed the ground was turning red.As fast as I poured it in it came out.But I still had reverse just no drive.Pulled ot back down parked it.
Last year started on body work.Pretty much got it all done just ned to put it all back on&get to other things the car needs.Well I haven't added any fluid since then to it but wherever I roll it in the barn it leaves a puddle.How can I trouble shoot before I buy a new tranny?I hear these are the easiest to rebuild but I have way too much going on&could use thst time to invest in something I know how to do already.Could it be a simple fix?Any comments ideas or criticism is welcome.Thanks fellas!

Bad66 05-28-2012 05:56 PM

Well, it could be leaking from a few different areas. If it's the passenger side it is most likely the kickdown cable. It is a huge leak point right where the kickdown bolts to the trans. The little washer just can't hold up after years. An easy fix for me was to go to the local plumbing store and buy a square stock of flat rubber, cut out my own rubber gasket. Never leaked again.

Other possible problems could be leaky lines, bad seals, or even a bad pan gasket. Fill 'er up and see where it's leaking from, then go from there.

cutthroatkid 05-28-2012 06:19 PM

Looks like its the pass side top,Ill fill it up&take a look just I cant started it right now because Ive pulled the fuel lines&fenders are all off.When it runs it just spews out.

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