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Well, it's a 77 GMC Jimmy with 400 small block, TH350, and NP203 (AWD) in stock form. It has a GVWR of 6200 lbs, which put it in a different class of CA emissions, it is considered HD.

It only requires:
Thermostatic Air Cleaner
AIR Pump and lines
PCV valve
Charcoal Canister

It has true dual exhaust (came stock, but there are flowmaster 40 series on it now) and no catalytic converters.

It has all of the equipment needed. It seems to hold good vacuum too, I got 20hg out of it this morning when I fired it up, and it held well. New plugs and wires. New air cleaner. Going to change out a few vacuum hoses that look brittle. But I am worried because it has had carb problems. It hasn't done it lately, but it does have problems falling on its face when you first touch the gas occasionally. I do have a rebuilt unit, but have hesitated to put it on because I am an idiot when it comes to tuning a carb and am worried it will come out worse than the current configuration. This is only my second carb'ed vehicle ever. The first one was 15 years ago, I was 15 years old, lol.

I just want to get it all hooked up properly and tuned up the best I can before I take it in for it's first smog. If it doesn't pass, I don't want to be chasing equipment problems. I just want to handle whatever is thrown my way engine-wise and be done with it. Looks like I'll be rigging up some sort of way to hold the hose to the manifold I guess.
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