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LandonL 08-28-2010 09:22 PM

Are these the correct bearings?? (main bearings)
Alright, everything was going great once again on putting my engine together until I got to the point of starting reassembly. The engine is a 1967 250 Straight-Six. When I went to start putting the main bearings in, I noticed the big oil hole didn't line up on the #1 main bearing, however the cap's bearing fit in fine. These are for a .010" undersize crank, I checked the back of the bearings read .010"

The bearings I ordered were Sealed Power Part#4124MA10 got them from Rockauto. All other sites that sell the product all list the same picture (that matches the ones I recieved.)
This picture is the following I provided the stock picture, and one from above I saw on eBay that are my exact bearings I recieved listed under the same part#
Picture of what mine look like, every other website has the pictured ones below.

However, summit racing has a different picture, and these look like the original bearings I pulled from the engine in the first place.

The bearings I recieved are in the first picture, and all sites who sell oversize bearings for the 250 L6 have those in the first picture pictured. (Which is what I recieved). However the bearings summit have listed are the same ones with the same part # etc, they have a different picture which looks exactly like the main bearings I pulled out of the block when I started the rebuild. The oil passage when the bearing is fitted into the block is not covered up beacause there is a strip in the bearing that would allow oil to flow through, I don't see why however they just didn't manufacture the oil hole where it should be, or do I have the wrong bearing?? Please someone help me lol

I'm not really sure how they could've sent me something wrong, it's for a seven bolt main (which the L6's are) and the oil passage on the thrust bearing matches up(but it does have two holes) I just don't know what to think.

ericnova72 08-28-2010 09:31 PM

The slotted bearing will be fine, just a different oiling hole design to make them universal to some other engines with the same size bearings. They will be fine.

LandonL 08-28-2010 09:35 PM

Really? I was just worried I got the wrong part. But the bearings that fit in the caps fit perfect. I just wondered what the deal was. 08-29-2010 07:46 AM

Federal Mogul produces main bearing sets that look like yours. As stated, they are made to fit several different applications. We call them "rebuilders bearings" as they are bought in quantity by commercial builders.. Nothing wrong, just a bit different design.

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