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memphisrain 02-03-2006 05:49 PM

Thinking about doing a paint job with a candy...Got some ?'s
I searched the site, but didn't have any luck finding answers to my questions.

I've seen some paint on a Big Dog chopper that I want to do for my own bike. However it is a candy color and I'm not sure of the process since it's been a while since I've painted and will be the first time with a candy color. So... I'm just thinking of the basic process. I was thinking of (after prime and prep) 3 coats base, wet sand, and then three coats base and then another round of sanding. Seems to be pretty typical of todays painters. But when I do the candy, I'm not sure how many coats to lay on. Also, from what I've seen/read the candy coat is more "misted" on there rather painted. Is this correct? Is there any sanding on the candy coats before the clear goes on?

Finally, on a lot of the T.V. shows I see a lot of the painters doing complete coats of filler on the cars to get a smooth base on the cars. This certainly can't be the best way to do it can it? It seems to me like at least it takes some of the craftsmanship away from the metal work. Either way, what type of product are they using? Seems its got to be a good product if you can't coat a whole car or bike with it and it stands up to the stress of driving/riding.

Thanks for any info you can pass my way!!

BondoKing 02-03-2006 08:21 PM

The only reason you will sand the base is to remove dirt and nibs.. Base can not be sanded before top coating... There is a chemical adhesion with base and sanding it screws that up.
You are going to need test panels with your candy applications too... and you will also want ot over reduce the candy... this is not a 2 or 3 coat job either... if you can get it in 8 or 9 coats over reduced it will come out much nicer and less issues as far as stripping and blotching etc....

Covering a car in filler can be done by hand and 2 part glaze such as "Icing", but if you are going to do so, get a polyester primer.. it is the same thing only sprayable.. 2 or 3 coats should be enough to level out wavy panels...
and yes it will hold up to driving... It is not intended for smooth base, but to get the panels straight... Flat paint jobs come from flat panels, and that comes from many hours of sanding primers,fillers, and clear...

Here is a candy thread with 74 replys.. Candy Paint Info

Here is 1 thread on polyester primer.. Poly Primer

Just go to the search button after you are in the body/exterior section and type in these type words and you will find hours and hours of reading info...

Also read Martinsr Basics of Basics

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