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Originally Posted by poncho62
That's what we in Canada say, yet fiscus wants to move..........I love visiting the US, but I don't think I would want to live there........guess the old saying goes..."The grass is always geener, on the other side of the fence"
You know ... almost all of my life, living on the Canadian Prairies (Saskatchewan & Alberta) I had "California" dreams ... always wanting to live somewhere warmer ... anywhere in the "Sun Belt" ... right?

Now, several years later ... I am finally starting to appreciate living right where I am.

Not to make light of the present hardships that have been endured by our friends and neighbors to the south, but ...

We don't get hurricanes.
We don't have earthquakes.
We don't get MANY tornadoes ... only 2 that really made any impression at all ... one at Edmonton in about 1983 (?) and another one ... much closer to home at Pine Lake in about 2000 (?)
We don't have HUGE racial tension problems / drive-by shootings / gang violence although there have been a few episodes in the big cities. It just horrifies me to watch the satellite news from LA, Detroit, or even Rochester!
We don't have terrorist flying jumbo-jets into our grain elevators.

Not to be advertising this ... but were we live, we seldom lock all of our doors, and frequently leave the keys in the ignition, too.

We do have cold winters. No mosquitoes for 6 months, no grass to cut or hedges to trim, and keeps us inside with the "missus" when it gets REAL cold. A lot of Canadian babies are born in September.

We have INVENTED ways to have fun in the winter. Ice Hockey, snowmobiling, ice-fishing, etc.

Alberta is blessed with Chinooks ... a warm wind that comes down off of the rockies. Temperatures (extreme example) can go from -30C (-25F) to +15 C (60F) in just a few hours ... which provide welcome relief ... and something to look forward to.

We do have universal health care, and a slightly socialist (I think it's a good thing) society. Tommy Douglas (Social Credit or NDP government?) accomplished a lot for Canada in the 50's and 60's and improved the lives of many.

Like the U.S., opportunities abound for people that work hard and smart, and have the desire to better themselves. (I don't know what happened to me! J/K )

To sum it all up ... I'll likely try to spend winters in Texas or Arizona when I retire, but Canada will always be "home".

It's the Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, and I guess it's got me all "philosophical".
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