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Dbodily 06-01-2011 06:51 AM

Thread tension
I have a singer 111W157 sewing machine. I have bought and installed a new hook and thread controller. I have the hook timed well and the new thread controller in place per the instructions. Here is my question. I got a very loose bottom (bobbin) thread. following the instructions I loosened the bobbin tension and tightened the thread controller tension. The bobbin tension is as loose as I can make it. the stitch is now OK but My problem is that the stitch is so tight it looks like the thread is cutting into the vinyl is this right? Do you think the tension spring on the bobbin case may be incorrect. There is a definite drag on the bobbin thread when I pull the thread by hand. thanks for any help. David

DanTwoLakes 06-01-2011 07:09 AM

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You have something wrong there. It's almost never the machine that is wrong, it's almost always operator error, but a good idea would be to replace the bobbin case or the spring steel tension blade on the bobbin case. In the mean time, I would loosen the knob on the top thread tension and tighten the bobbin tension to even things out. It doesn't take much adjustment on the bobbin tension to tighten it significantly, a half turn of the small forward screw is a lot. Also, check to see the rear screw is tight. If that screw is loose it can really drive you crazy.

The picture shows where my top tension knob is situated. Start from there and adjust the bottom tension accordingly.

Dbodily 06-01-2011 07:38 AM

Thanks Dan
I forgot to mention that the bobbin case and tension spring are also new. I did not mess with the outboard screw on the bobbin case I will try that also. thanks again. David

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