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throttle blip causes bog

I have a 1990 454ss but currently it has a throttle body injected 350.
So whenever I blip the throttle the engine bogs and will die if held. I can open the throttle smoothly and the engine will rev. Depending on how I blip the throttle and fether it, the engine will backfire. No matter how fast the engine is turning if I blip the throttle it bogs.

Here is what I've done:
-Cheked plug wires are correct
-plug wires are good
-has a new distributor and ignition coil (replaced to get it running)
-timming is good.
-if the TPS is disconected nothing changes, took it off and left conescted, and no difference. Moved the TPS manually without throttle movement and this does nothing (no I havnt researched all the details on what this unit does)
-Tried a different MAP sensor
-NO vacuum leaks.
-If I disconect the vacuum hose from the MAP sensor the engine runs like a POS but if I blip the throttle it doesn't bog.
-intake doesnt leak
-throttle body is sealed
-injectors are clean

I know I can hook up a code reader and diagnose this but I dont have one and cant bring it in to a shop. Just looking for some help before I spend money on a code reader and parts if I dont need them.
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