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Originally Posted by spinn View Post
I upgraded the fuel system. larger injectors, pump, and higher fuel psi. This is new stuff to me so I am playing it real safe watching the wide band. Currently I am looking into a piggy back injector enrichment system for the turbo to replace the rrfpr. There is also a AFC hack that I am looking into for the Honda vehicle. The Saturn I have not gotten word back on what the owner wants to do, and still waiting for the turnaround on the TB from VMS.

I am open to suggestions. How would you add fuel for the boost, on a obd2 system? It has to stay in closed loop part throttle boost. I

I would enjoy getting to a track again at some point. According to the torque software that is based off of the vss for distance, the twin cam was in the high 14's with some boost. Like a estimate 180-190 whp.

I like to work on the RWD vehicles but there are so few to find. You get bored and end up with a 4 banger.

I never realized that the larger injector size you go the worse it idles...kind of like a cam without the lope. Could be that is the untuned condition. Gimme a some time, Ill get the bugs worked out.

edit- the ones pictured came from maxbore.
First off, what in the hell is part throttle boost?

Secondly, without retuning for larger injectors you're getting that cam sound because your giving it way too much fuel at idle, and if they are WAY over the stock size they can only open and close so fast so you'll never get a perfect idle even with tuning.

until you get it tuned for the injectors I would drive it as little as possible.

From the little research I did most turbo SC2 saturns are running megasquirt, which is a great cheap EFI system, and NOT OBDII compatible.

There may not be a easy tuning solution for that car.
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