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timing advance on a lightly built 350 (300 horsepower)

Hey guys
I just bought my MSD pro billet mag pickup dizzy. There is no vacuum advance on this.
Im in the process of installation and wanted to know what the idle timing should be, that will give me a starting point as to which advance kit I want to use.
its a rebuilt 350
has stock heads with pocket porting, port matching, valve lapping, basically a full blown hand porting job, ( milled .35 thousandths too) minus valve seat grinding.

compression is porbably around 9- 9.5 :1

tuned and rebuilt Q-jet to match all the specs


700r4 trans , 2000 stock stall
3.55 gears, small tires ( high rpm)
mild Melling MTC-1 Cam and lifters ( hydralic flat tappet)

WHat should my initial idle timing be at on this? 16 degrees?
And what should my total timing be?
With the MSd, I can tailor the curve to hit total advance in a wide range of RPMS, so thats what I want to figure next

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