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what in the HELL!!! LMAO crap
Well hopefully when i elaborate ona couple things, I wont have screwed the pooch too much haha

Originally Posted by techinspector1
Is the motor going into a boat or aircraft or is strictly an off-road motor? If this is a street driver, then you have screwed the pooch.
street driver.. is this because I got the MSD without the vac. advance?
And the reason I did that, is because I found a good deal on a CRANE HI6-N ignition box, which required a very specific MSD or other dizzy, but the MSD version didnt have the vac. advance...

Originally Posted by techinspector1
Stock to mild aftermarket cam, 12 degrees. Total 36-38 depending on chamber size and shape, all in by 2800-3000.
atleast 1 thing is done right.. I can put in the diff. springs, and the diff bushing and get the total timing in around there... really though? that low of RPM?

Originally Posted by techinspector1
Bull Hockey. If you don't know the exact static compression ratio as determined by measuring all components, then you have no idea what cam the motor wants. You have screwed the pooch.
Well the heads were stock with the 76 CC chambers. I had .35 thous. milled off them, so I factored that the main bearings are probably a little worn and instead of sayin 9.5 :1 I guess its .. 9.25 :1 ish...
For the cam, I went with an older engine balancer/machinist receomendation. Hes been doing balancing and machining for about 30 years. I explained to him the details of the motor, and had him mill the heads and give me tips on porting. He suggested in the cam, its a notch above stock, split duration.

Originally Posted by techinspector1
Care to elaborate?
Headers are 3/4 length. not full length, not block huggers.
Originally Posted by techinspector1
If this is a stock converter, it will not stall at 2000. You have screwed the pooch again.
Well the torque converter is a 2000 stall, but reason I call it stock is because it isnt a loose stall. Its stock size converter, just a higher stall. The trans is a severly built 700r4, almost looks like its about the only thing I did right LOL

will be changing the stall to a serious billet machined 2600 Loose stall when I get the ignition system dialed in
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