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Originally Posted by ap72
Oh, its very simple, if you have 34* of timing at idle, and you're idle is set below 2,700 RPM or so, which I expect for that cam is probably around 900 RPM. Then it would be detonating a LOT from take off- that's kind of the whole idea behind having mechanical advance on a dizzy- so you have more timing when you need it, but not too much when you are carrying a high load at low engine speeds.

to simplify it 34* timing + that cam + that compression (at take-off)= BOOM!

I said the 34* centrifugal timing was in at 2600 rpm, as the post stated, that is where I set it with an adjustable timing light. I will bet you that I do not have 34* at idle.

I have looked at your other posts for the month of October, and I believe you are badly mistaken on a lot of them.

Things that jump out, aside from the bad advice:

10-02-08 quote

"stock 4.3L is 237 CI....." end quote
That = 55cc per L not the +/- 61cc per L that I learned in school.

10-10-08 + other posts: quote
"I am just an engineer, but..."
Your profile shows you as a mechanic, attending SEMo for construction management ...
Ocupation:mechanic, part time laborer

How can you call yourself an engineer, without a degree???

Your above post, concerning my timing, is stupid beyond belief! You either can't read or you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!

You registered on this site on 6-13-2005. Your birthdate is July 24, 1985. You were almost 20 years old. You made no mention of studying to be an engineer, instead you said you were a mechanic, attending SEMo for construction Management.

So when and where did you receive your Engineering degree and in what discipline? Was it on the Chessie System (railroad line)?

How come there are no MORON Smilies?

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