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Camtech30 10-04-2012 04:42 PM

Timing woes
Allright then, I have an 84 monte carlo ss, sbc 350. Components are as follows

Crane blue racer
488/510 lift 234/244 druration @ .50 300 total lobe sep 112
eagle cylinder heads 2.10/1.60 valves 210 runners
edel victor junior intake
edel 750 #1407

this info given to me by previous owner.
It had an HEI dizzy, I have swapped out with MSD pro billet dizzy, 6AL box, and ss coil. Ignition timing locked set and set to 38*. 1434 jets with 1456 rods, 1432 sec. set 1 stage rich according to edel calibration specs. Cars does great with wot, but at cruise its fine until you mash throttle then hesistates, then grabs and goes. I am looking for a good throttle response theough the RPM range. I think this cam is a roundy round cam or something in that ballpark, I was looking for a lil input on switching cams and what would work best and advice would be greatly appreciated!

vinniekq2 10-04-2012 10:15 PM

the cam is not likely a roundyround cam with 112 you know what the icl of the cam is? Carb might need a little help with accellerator pump. More info is needed? what rpm are you mashing the throttle and what gear are you driving in at that time?

Custom10 10-05-2012 09:29 AM

"roundy round cam" :confused: sorry but I am unwise to this terminology, what is that?

Changing to a dual plane RPM intake may help but with 210 runners you are already losing some abillity for lower RPM throttle responce. yes the vic junior is a good choice for WOT. Sounds like this combo needs gears, what is the rear gear ratio?

cobalt327 10-06-2012 12:56 AM

"Roundy-round" = circle track.;)

Be sure the timing tab/damper line is really showing you true TDC. Info on the different timing tabs/damper lines is here. Info on determining TDC is here.

That cam is not so big that the timing needs to be locked at full advance. Won't hurt if it's race-only, but if you drive it on the street much you can use an advance curve. If you go to a smaller cam, or want better street manners, I agree to use a dual plane like the RPM.

Good luck.

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