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Originally Posted by Schurkey
Four things:

1. Prescription

2. Glass lenses (I tried plastic lenses, they scratch easily. I've heard that plastic lenses are "good" for welders, as the welding spatter doesn't stick. Big deal--the spatter shouldn't be getting to you eyeglasses to begin with.)

3. ANSI Z-87

4. Side shields to fit the frames

Nice thing is that safety frames cost LESS than the regular frames. Tells me something about the profit margins of regular eyeglasses.
As far as prescription glasses..they make penty of low cost safety glasses that will comfortably wear right over top of the regular prescription glasses,its getting to the point that wearing just prescription glass type safety glasses are not allowed on most jobs anymore,even with side sheilds.
There are not sufficient as far as they leave a gaping gap around the eyes,plus they only have a slight impact resistant factor compared to a good pair of Z87.1 Polycarbonate pair like the Smith & can litteraly lay them down on a table and beat the crap out of them with a 8# sledge and never break the lens.,try that with ANY prescription glasses.....

Prescription safety glass frames cost less because they are not made from metals and not fancy designs,they are plastic impact resistant.Much cheaper process to make.

I agree about welding spatter should never even get to the glasses..but i think you're mis-understanding..the grinding and cutting with a torch leaves spatter on them,not the welding behind a a days on safety regulated jobs you will have to wear a face sheild anytime grinding or cutting with a torch or plasma...
Times have changed as far as safety rules,for a good reason because the past decades of people with serious life altering injuries and deaths in the past is being used as reasons to get stricter and find reasonable solutions...

One more reason i would rather wear the safety glasses designed to go over the prescription glasses...
How much does just 1 pair of those prescription safety glasses cost?...You could buy a few boxes or more of the safety glasses designed to fit over the prescription glasses to what the script pair costs.
It doesn't matter WHAT type you or plastic.they WILL get stratched and ruined.
Buy the little cheap kits for glass cleaning with the right solution and material to clean them without scratching them,they even cheaply sell boxes of little packets like the "moist towlettes" that are made for cleaning glasses,you'll triple or more the life of them..wiping them off with your shirt,paper towels,tissues..etc..scratches them,i keep the tray in my lunch box loaded up with the little packets for mine,and even stuff a few in my pocket while workin a job or in my shop at home.

And when they get real bad,do like Mike does(deadbodyman) and polish them if you don't feel like buying more.
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