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fat40 08-14-2007 07:05 AM

Tires from China

I just bought a new 24' enclosed car trailer and the tires are made in China, I know there is a recall on these tires but the manufacture of the trailer won't replace them. This is just another example of how the U.S.A is going down the drain with all this junk we import from China. When are we going to stand up and put a stop to all these imports and start making products we need here in the good old U.S.A. We all need to stop buying anything made in China, I know that's almost impossible, but we can try. We sure need big changes Washington, they sure don't do anything to help.

FAT40 :mad:

willowbilly3 08-14-2007 09:17 AM

I probably wouldn't buy a trailer with china tires unless I got it cheap enough to replace them. One of the trailer places here will sell you a trailer without tires, basically just junk tires that hold air, then you can put on what you want after you buy it. Yeah it bites that we have all that crap stuffed at us, and those china tires really smell bad too, just walk through the bikes at Wal-mart.

1ownerT 08-14-2007 12:25 PM

We are running around Iraq loosing American lives chasing "terrorist's",
while the recent recalls of Chinese made tires, toys, dog food, and toothpaste can potentially kill more people than what was lost on 9/11. It doesn't make sense to me. Last I had seen 40,000 dogs died from the tainted food, imagine the outcome had it been a human consumable???

tfeverfred 08-14-2007 03:11 PM

At least whoever was in charge will be executed or do the deed himself. Just imagine if American politicians/big business did that when they screw up. :D

Wow......... I just smiled inside and had a warm fuzzy feeling. :confused:

Kevin45 08-14-2007 03:30 PM


This is just another example of how the U.S.A is going down the drain with all this junk we import from China.
Blame the American companies for that. Greed is going to take us under. Mattel just announced a recall today for 9 million toys for lead and small magnets that cause choking. Indiana has a recall for toothpaste that comes from China for the antifreeze solution. That wawas as of yesterday. The company supplies hotels etc, with the soap, toothpaste, etc. I have said all along and told my wife a long time ago, that buying from a country that really doesn't like us in the first place will come back and bite us. What easier way to get rid of their toxic waste, than throw it in with something that the US of A will buy. The Chinese are probably looking at it like "sell them anything for a cheap price and they will jump all over it" What is happening right now is only the tip of the iceberg. China is already threatening to sell off our dollar which will drive down the price of our money. We have already sold off some of our large banking institutions to China, so that lets them control the American dollar. There is even recalls on catfish that is raised in China. The fish is raised in sewage pits then fed a chemical that SUPPOSINGLY counteracts the effects the raw sewage would have when it comes to human consumption. Let's talk about something that will cause cancer there :mad: Tip of the iceberg I tell ya...Tip of the iceberg :pain: :mad: :spank: :boxing:

DoubleVision 08-15-2007 09:36 AM

It`s interesting you say that Kevin as I`ve said that now for many many years and nobody believes me or listens. Greed will be our own undoing. Greed is the reason most countries hate us, Greed is the reason our companies go over seas, you can`t get rich by paying your employee`s good money, you get rich by paying them nothing and giving them nothing. Sam Walton wrote the book on how it`s done. My brother had mentioned several times "were selling ourselves out"
The declaration of indepence says we the people run this show, and we don`t, we haven`t for a long time. While I`m aware how other countries don`t like how things are run over here, They are told and taught we the people run it so they don`t understand why we do what we do, they don`t know we don`t run it. We vote people in to "represent" us and they don`t, most of them only care about themselves. why don`t the terrorists and every other nation that wants to kill us take a closer look at the people here, I don`t vote because I don`t trust nobody I don`t know. For many decisions that are made in this country we should decide them, not the bunch of crooked quacks in washington. So I said I represent myself, which is Legal in this country. I also believe on the issues they keep throwing around and can`t decide on, they should turn it over to us, we the people, there`s that word again, and let us vote on it. The people that represent us didn`t ask you what you thought, and they didn`t ask me what I thought, they didn`t ask nobody anything. Then they`ll pass another law none of us agreed on that nobody likes and take more of our freedoms away. that in itself shows, they run it, we don`t.

tfeverfred 08-15-2007 11:08 AM

The US has been and is an Imperialist State. The Chinese have had control of Wallstreet for a long time. It was reported years ago that they were slowly buying us out. Now people are finally taking notice. It is too late and as was said..... you ain't seen nothing yet. They have been hording oil for years. Who knows, worst case scenerio, they just might be the ones to blow up all the idiots in the Middle East and then who will we buy from? THEM.

It has been said many years ago that the worst enemy you can fight is the one who has nothing to lose. They have nothing to lose.

Yea, it's a major effort not to buy stuff from China, but it's worth it. This new crap proves it.

Think about all the crap that has gotten in over the last few years that nobody even knows about yet!

If we're not careful, we'll ALL be picking rice in 10 years.

jcclark 08-15-2007 12:49 PM

Bottom line-if people keep buying it-they will sell it.
It's not the companies fault-it's the consumers.
Many a good company has gone under selling quality products
because consumers keep buying the China crap instead of paying
more for quality.
That's why they start going overseas themselves, to survive.
I'm afraid the quality tool companies are going to disappear, they
can't compete against Harbor Freight and the like.
As long as people keep buying that junk, the tool companies have
to lower their standards to compete.
The companies will make what sells.
We're doing it to ourselves. :pain:

78novaman 08-15-2007 03:19 PM

Good post JC it's just what I was thinking.

The New Balance shoe company is a perfect example. They were one of the last major shoe manufacturers that still made them in the USA. In the last couple of years most of their production has shifted to China. The just could not compete with Reebok and Nike who have cut prices since going oversees. Most people go into the department store and just buy the cheapest one and then complain everything is moving to China. Duh! Way to be the problem, genius.

Tools are the same way. Sears cannot compete with Home Depot and Lowe's chinese goods with USA made Craftsman, and thus more and more chinese tools show up in Sears every year.

Blame yourself: the consumer. Every cheep item you have bought from China has pushed the manufacturing industry over there. I try to get the USA items, but I am guilty of buying the cheap version myself from time to time.

Someone mentioned Chinese tires, and how the bike tires smell. Well I had to buy a Chinese bike. I went to the local bicycle shop and all the Trek, Raleigh, and Schwinn bikes are made in China too.

fat40 08-16-2007 01:54 PM

Tires from China

I called the people I bought the trailer from again, told them if I have any problem with these tires like a blow out or wreck I will sue them and the manufacture of the trailer, they said be sure and let them know if I have any trouble ( Ha what a joke) the tires are coming off and will be replaced. It's to bad the way everything is made in China, what junk. I only hope it's not to late to change, if we don't pull together as Americans and put a stop to all these imports, and start manufacturing what we need here, we are doomed.There will be no middle class in America, just rich and poor.

FAT40 :mad:

tfeverfred 08-16-2007 06:58 PM

I heard this morning that baby bibs being sold in Toys R US and Babies R US are loaded with 3 times the allowed lead content!

The good news.... another Chinese official connected with the exports has killed himself. Good riddance.

willowbilly3 08-17-2007 08:57 PM

We have no one to blame but ourselves. If we would have just refused to buy the Chinese products, it would have been the end of it. But it started with shoes, I used to not buy anything Chinese until I couldn't find shoes from anyplace else. Then it was a briefcase, I spent most of a day and went to every store in Anchorage and couldn't find an American made briefcase. On and on, well I still try and buy American when I can but we have sold our souls to China to the point that you can't be a consumer without their stanky crap. Thanks

tfeverfred 08-17-2007 09:11 PM

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Our childrens future, if we're not careful!?

redsdad 08-18-2007 06:44 AM


Originally Posted by Kevin45
Blame the American companies for that.

Blame Americans for it. In 1976 (1976 - over 30 year ago) a company where I grew up went to the union and said they couldn't afford to keep the doors open. They asked for a drop in wages. They wanted to go from $20 to $17 per hour. (did I mention this was in 1976?) The union said no, the workers could not live on $17 per hour (did I mention this was in 1976?) The company closed all but the plating plant (probably didn't want to clean up the mess there) and went to Texas or something like that where they could get workers for $7 per hour.

But let's say we all don't want to drop our wages to what the Chinese workers are willing to work for (probably glad to in most cases). And we want to buy American made products. The consumer has to pay for that higher labor cost. Wanna pay $400 per tire? $1600 to put new tires on the car?

I bought tires the other day. I really didn't pay attention to where they were made. Thing is, they were 40,000 mile tires and I paid the same for them as I would have paid for the ones I was selling at (a large discount retailer) in the late 70's. Thing is, those were American made tires back then. They were made by (a well known tire maker). Identical to the (the well known tire maker's top of the line tire) including their tendency to have the tread come off in one big chunk. Low wage is not the only cause for poor design and/or workmanship.

wildthing 08-18-2007 07:25 AM

yes we did this to our selfs and yes it is to late to do anything about it , because nobody wants to ............ yes you get a hand full of people talking about it here and there , TALKING gets you no where. where are the MILLIONS of people protesting in the streets , writeing letters , calling representives ? oh and don't forget this contry is run by immoral corrupt people that we elected in office because it was the only choice we were given , " only the rich can get in office " also we as americans did this by not being willing to do jobs others would for resonable wages.
i would only ever want to live in this country , but it is in the dumpster and most people go about their lifes with blinders on happy to be ignorant.... :nono:

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