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It`s interesting you say that Kevin as I`ve said that now for many many years and nobody believes me or listens. Greed will be our own undoing. Greed is the reason most countries hate us, Greed is the reason our companies go over seas, you can`t get rich by paying your employee`s good money, you get rich by paying them nothing and giving them nothing. Sam Walton wrote the book on how it`s done. My brother had mentioned several times "were selling ourselves out"
The declaration of indepence says we the people run this show, and we don`t, we haven`t for a long time. While I`m aware how other countries don`t like how things are run over here, They are told and taught we the people run it so they don`t understand why we do what we do, they don`t know we don`t run it. We vote people in to "represent" us and they don`t, most of them only care about themselves. why don`t the terrorists and every other nation that wants to kill us take a closer look at the people here, I don`t vote because I don`t trust nobody I don`t know. For many decisions that are made in this country we should decide them, not the bunch of crooked quacks in washington. So I said I represent myself, which is Legal in this country. I also believe on the issues they keep throwing around and can`t decide on, they should turn it over to us, we the people, there`s that word again, and let us vote on it. The people that represent us didn`t ask you what you thought, and they didn`t ask me what I thought, they didn`t ask nobody anything. Then they`ll pass another law none of us agreed on that nobody likes and take more of our freedoms away. that in itself shows, they run it, we don`t.
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