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Originally Posted by dinger View Post
Be prepared for a good blast of opinions.

Hot rodding started with budgets. Guys with a little bit of money wanting to be faster than their neighbors. Cheap came from wrecks in a wrecking yard, late model engines into older cars. Buying the oddball parts and making them work. Something that is more difficult to do in these days with electronics, computers, specialty items.

Generalizing today's kid always bothers me. Sure they have different interests. Look around though, there are plenty of kids hot rodding their cars. Sure, many are doing it on Daddys' dollar. But keep in mind, there are plenty of kids out there making their own way. I wonder sometimes how many of us older guys would have the passion for cars if we would have had computers, video games, cable TV, etc. when we were kids. I was a pinball, pool and Foosball freak when I was a kid, I spent a lot of hard earned change on those games.

Guys with money buying their cars. Good for them. It makes the hobby more affordable for the rest of us, keeps shops open, and they could be spending their money on a new boat, Rolex watch, airplane, you get the idea. Pretenders sometimes, yes. Not too many real rodders are fooled by them, though.

Bottom line for me, passion for the auto is cool to me, no matter who, what or where. I belong to a car club, we share our passion for cars once a month and at our get togethers, shows, and cruise nights. I don't belong to the book of the month club.

I guess you could say there are various degrees of the passion for a car. Sometimes life gets in the way, raising a family, buying a home. Every extra dime I made working 2 jobs as a young man went to pay bills. Go to a car show, look around. The guys with nice cars are generally older guys, the kids have gone away, they have a few bucks extra to spend and an understanding spouse.
WOW Dinger, I hear the passion and I love it...There are so many people that want but don't have the knowledge...Are they to be shut out...Passion isn't always about doing it all your self...different people have different skill sets and most often need to farm out part or sometimes all of a project and pay for it. Where do we draw the line? How many people on this site can do everything themselves...I feel I'm a respectable painter and Body man, I can build drive trains, and I am trying to learn to do interiors better than I can now (I'm not that good compared to a lot of people I know). So what do I do, I try and learn more about what I don't know and try to get better at what I do know.

I try not to criticise the people that don't have the skills and have big wallets to build their Dream Ride, as long as they have the passion for the hobby and give the proper credit where credit is due. That's how I try and eek out a meager living. I do however get irritated when somebody lays out a pile of cash and tells everybody, "look at what I built". They didn't build a damn thing and those are the guys that should Buy shoes, a ball, and fork out another $25 for a gaudy bowling shirt.

The hobby is about passion for the automobile and making what's out there a little different to their own liking. First time I saw a rat rod I thought what a waste, but then I said to myself, it's not for me and as long as the people who own it enjoy and are passionate, all the more power to them.