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Originally Posted by 69 widetrack View Post
WOW Dinger, I hear the passion and I love it...There are so many people that want but don't have the knowledge...Are they to be shut out...Passion isn't always about doing it all your self...different people have different skill sets and most often need to farm out part or sometimes all of a project and pay for it. Where do we draw the line? How many people on this site can do everything themselves...I feel I'm a respectable painter and Body man, I can build drive trains, and I am trying to learn to do interiors better than I can now (I'm not that good compared to a lot of people I know). So what do I do, I try and learn more about what I don't know and try to get better at what I do know.

I try not to criticise the people that don't have the skills and have big wallets to build their Dream Ride, as long as they have the passion for the hobby and give the proper credit where credit is due. That's how I try and eek out a meager living. I do however get irritated when somebody lays out a pile of cash and tells everybody, "look at what I built". They didn't build a damn thing and those are the guys that should Buy shoes, a ball, and fork out another $25 for a gaudy bowling shirt.

The hobby is about passion for the automobile and making what's out there a little different to their own liking. First time I saw a rat rod I thought what a waste, but then I said to myself, it's not for me and as long as the people who own it enjoy and are passionate, all the more power to them.

Ray, I will scream that over and over, I don't give a rats behind whether the guy built the car or not, is a cool car? Does it light my fire, I am going to walk over and check it out a the show and I don't care who built it. I don't care if he had it built, I don't care if he bought last week, he and I dig it, that is all that matters.

I have posted the photo before of my friend standing with his Model A at a Goodguys show, about three months before he died of cancer. He was most certainly a "car guy" he LOVED these cars and went to every single show and enjoyed it so much, and he couldn't turn a friggin wrench. That wasn't his thing, my brother and I built his car and he honestly didn't do much but pick the color, he listened to us on the way to do things and he gave the ok but we suggested just about everything on the car as far as changes. He went with it, liking it but he just wasn't the type with an eye, he didn't know how to do this stuff. But he LOVED it just the same. It's no different than being a music lover and going to all the concerts and plays and what not but not being able to carry a tune or play an instrument, does that make them any less of a music fan?

Some people have the bucks, they always have, some done and never get to enjoy it because they don't have the skills or talent. My friend Steve in the wheel chair is a good example. He IS a "car guy" right thru to his bones. He goes to WAY more car events than most anyone on this forum. He rolls around in his wheel chair at every Goodguys, all four every year here in Pleasanton and not only one day but every day it's open! He would love to have a custom van, with a chair lift. He dreams of them, he looks at vans at shows and dreams of it. If he had the money to have it built, would he be any less of a "car guy" because he didn't do it himself?