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Originally Posted by 1Gary View Post
I can't tell you guys the number of times on here and other forums I read about a guy building something and the words "cheap and budget" creep into the post.I come from a generation where if you building a car,that was the number one priority.That you would skimp and work two jobs and do side work to afford the best out there.Now today's hot rodder tell me things where so much cheaper back them.The is just pure horse hockey.When I was coming up as a hot rodder,what we made for wages was kind of the same relationship to the cost of parts as it is today.The idea of a "budget" never came into the conversion as building a car.In fact it was a joke.

As I try to advise guys(and no I don't accept a game plan of a budget),it almost like I have to be a life's coach.All the frills of cell phones-texting-150 channels of cable TV that they just can't live without certainly makes we wonder about their level of commitment and when you tell them they have to work maybe two jobs,it like your talking a foreign language.When you tell them about the shiny parts ads for bottom of the barrel parts is more ad money then substance in the parts being sold,they reply like it just can't be,because the brand name is being advertized in a car magazine.Yeah those imported cheap junk(not because they are imported,but the quality is really substandard)

I have fought my whole life to keep my mind youthful.After all a 1/3 of it was making money mixing music for heavy metal/rock bands on tour.You had to have that outlook in order to make a living.

But damm it,today's hot rodder is a different culture wanting quick answers and short cuts and cheap,cheap,cheap.Not at all willing to pay the dues to get-er-done.Not at all willing to take on a long term project investing when money is available.Not at all willing to work harder like a second job.For those who have no money at all and not a prospect of getting any anytime soon,they shouldn't be messing with cars in the first place.Survival should be the priority.But for those who I am critical about,my advise is to take up:


Sell what ever project you have and parts for it,walk away never to return.This just isn't for you.......................
what a snob..
look around, buddy.. most YOUNG people.. are working 2 jobs IF they can find it.. and those that have a college ed.. have a debt bill thats mighty large...
funny you bring this up.. that some should stay on the porch..
in your old fart days..
you rodded, then when times got tuff your generation mostly QUIT!!!!!!!!!! as life got in the way kids/family/kids college cost , then came back
todays rodder, thinks budget, and doesn't quit.. make do with what little they got.. even if it means his rod is a mid 80's wagon.. so the baby seats have a place..
your older generation was great for the "baby on the way,must sell"
funny thing is.. most that I've talked to that are in the club my dads in.. all built on a budget in the 50's
faulting anyone because they want to build on a budget and keep a fun car while having a life outside a car.. is shortsighted..
at least this group isn't so fast to walk away from the hobby for 20-30 years, they are try'n to find a balance.. and that requires a budget..
yes, your point of the 150 channel cable could be a cost that could go.. but a cell phone, not a chance.. not in todays jobs..
guess it's a crime to have a life outside the car hobby..
and BTW I've had 2 or 3 jobs since I was 15 untill my health and doctors said I had to stop that madness..
I find it funny that the old farts call the young lazy. when they where young, the sidewalks closed up at 8 and working sundays was something most didn't do..
employers didn't schedule you 6 days a week and 3-4 hour shifts.
you had days off.. and normal shifts..
oh and go price out what insurance is a year for those without 5 years driving..
bet today they pay more in one year than you did in your first ten even taking the inflation out of that mix..
I just this year had to sell my dream car 1970 chevelle, sold all three,, it was house or the cars.. I picked roof over thy head.. and I'll make do with my 71c-10
my 496 has been in the works since 2002(looked at the receipts for the parts) and I almost 11 years later have all the goodies, it was for my chevelle but will go in the truck..
I could've built a 454 with iron stock heads, and I should have.. but I wanted a bbc that I could beat the living crap out of and it ask for more.. that took money.. and lots of it.. there is a good 10k in the basement and thats before one bolt is turned..
those that walked away from the hobby for 20+ years, really have nothing to say to guys/gals that are sticking it out and doing so with a budget.. and really the subject matter is total b/s as swaps meets have been around forever.. more like selective memories

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