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Gen3_with_455 03-26-2004 11:31 PM

36scsc 03-27-2004 02:02 AM

A standing 180 burnout while flipping off the cops? At 30, and a father, arn't you a bit old for this kind of behavior?

Dutchman 03-27-2004 03:20 AM

And I thought I was having a bad day. Sure brightens my view for my day.

Even though my techs cut a cable that shouldn't been cut (only a $17,000 one), other techs ordered the wrong parts and others didn't finish their tasks.

For chow, SOS and brown lettuce. The coke machine broke and the water has JP5 in it.

Sat in the lounge and the movie on the ship was a repeat (for the optenth time).

Other than that life is grand. Nothing like a roof over my head, a rack to sleep in and food on the table.


Centerline 03-27-2004 05:50 AM

I've always found it better to support the police rather than pi$$ them off. Over the years I've written several letters to the editor of our local paper supporting different issues that were important to local law enforcement and the result has been better than anything I could have expected. When I'm working in the yard and a local cop drives buy they always stop and chat, call me by name, and often want to see what project I have going on in the garage.

Cops can easily tell the difference between someone who will "shine their *****" trying to impress his buddies and someone who is mature enough to realize that he does't have to prove anything to anyone. And they appreciate the difference. That's why I don't get hassled for not running a front license plate or loud mufflers. I'll agree that occasionally you'll run into a cop with an attitude but they are by far the exception rather than the rule.


firechicken383 03-27-2004 06:36 AM


I'll agree that occasionally you'll run into a cop with an attitude but they are by far the exception rather than the rule.
Its more like the other way around here. I have only known a few that didn't think their Billy Bad ***. I live in a little town and we have several donut eaters, they can sure eat donuts but they cant keep people from burning down barns and old houses every other week though!:D

speedingpenguin 03-27-2004 08:20 AM

ouch....sounds like a bad
I dont blame ya for acting like that though...if the cops were *******s to you like that just because you were a little dirty or whatever after a day of work, they sorta deserve something.....i dunno.....maybe no dohnuts and coffee for a few days?
Dont mean to offend any cops, cause there are alot of good ones out there....and cops do have a really tough job, but why do some of them have to be ****** to everyone?

Gen3_with_455 03-27-2004 01:47 PM

Ghetto Jet 03-28-2004 12:36 PM

Gen3_with_455 I've gotta ask why you carry two pocket knives, two lighters, and handcuff keys around with you?


Gen3_with_455 03-28-2004 02:32 PM

badknuckles 03-28-2004 04:55 PM

you think you had a bad day?
i woke up this morning and i was putting on my boots when out of nowhere i break a shoelace!
ok so my day didnt suck:thumbup:

Shortstep 03-28-2004 05:11 PM

All you Yankees are having a bad day... Maybe it has something to do with the weather. It was in the 80s here today with nothing but sunshine and a little cool breeze. And even though my leaf blower and lawnmower both gave me a heck of a time today I'm still in a pretty good mood!

badknuckles 03-28-2004 05:17 PM

at 80 degrees its always a good day.

poncho62 03-28-2004 05:25 PM

Yeah, and in June to August when you can't even go outside in the daytime, cus it's so friggen hot, we will be saying how great it is all comes out in the wash.

By the way, I had a good didn't rain or snow, I went to a swap meet, watched a Nascar race and now I'm sitting on my fat a** is good.

badknuckles 03-28-2004 05:28 PM

any day there is a swap meet is a good day.

k2mooch 03-29-2004 12:39 PM

Sorry to hear about your day Gen3. Makes mine seem a whole lot better. I had the priviledge of listening to the sweet sounding voice of my dear old grandmother tell me how I need to slow down. I might have listened to her if I wasn't driving in the mountains, doing 70 in a 65 zone in the slow lane with trucks still about to run me over.

I guess there's no use trying to explain the 'flow of traffic' to a lady who never drove a car past 50 mph in her life.


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