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An example of what I am talking about occurred on a 4 cylinder 5 speed Ranger truck sometime back and it did involve Craftsman tools but it could just as well have been any of the economy sets, I know the mechanic personally and everything he has came from Sears. This involved one of the top bell housing to block bolts that he could not get out because the head was almost completely rounded off after trying to remove it first with a socket, swivel and extension then with a boxed end wrench. They started trying to remove that thing early in the morning and the owner gave up that afternoon after the guy had spent all day fussing with it and was now talking about pulling the engine so they could remove the transmission. I got involved when the owner decided he wanted me to try to heat the bolt to loosen it which of course would have been next to impossible to do in that situation. I managed to get the thing out (without heat!) after hammering a socket onto the distorted bolt head (yeah I know, abuse) but it gripped the bolt and brought it out on the first try. The guy at the garage lost enough money on that job alone to have almost payed for a set of sockets not to mention the less than impressive rep he got for it. Another one more recently involved some exhaust bolts that a guy wanted me to cut off with a torch because, again, the heads were rounded off but I have no idea what brand of tools were used to do this. Just as with the bell housing bolt a 1/2" ratchet with an old S&K socket brought them out. I have seen this many times over the years involving just about every kind of tool out there including Craftsman and my whole point is even a beginner can not afford to use cheap tools because they will be more costly more often than not. Just as in the case with that transmission bolt even one failure can cost enough to pay for a tool many times over but they will still have it to buy and the damage to a persons reputation as to the quality of his work can be even more expensive. With these cheaper tools, including Craftsman, that scenario with the transmission bolt will not be a rare occurrence when trying to use them for everyday work and it will happen more often that a person might think. There certainly is a place for Craftsman and others in that class (for some things even Harbor Freight stuff may be OK) but none of these IMO, including Craftsman, should be in a pros tool box because the cheap tools are just too danged expensive!

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