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I have tried some of the things you have listed and will try to rate them by what I think of them.

manufacturer item
U.S. General Fuel Injection Pump Tester--- Good, decent quality and has a good selection of fittings.

Mityvac Mityvac Vacuum Pump----------- Terrible!! if is the HF version it's not worth bringing home. Mine lasted just a few minutes so I disassembled it to see what was wrong and the barrel is waaaay too big for the piston, those rascals had packed it with heavy grease to make it seal but that lasts only a few pumps, it is JUNK!

U.S. General Engine Oil Pressure Tester-- N/T
U.S. General Fuel Pump and Vacuum Tester-- N/T
U.S. General 7 Piece Lube Accessory Kit-- N/T
Serpentine Belt Tool Kit------------------- N/T
U.S. General 2 Piece Grease Gun Injector Needle Set-N/T
U.S. General 18" Flexible Grease Hose---------------N/T
Pittsburgh 10mm/14mm Spark Plug Thread Chaser-N/T
Pittsburgh Oxygen Sensor Thread Chaser--------------N/T
U.S. General Tire Gauge with Flex Hose------------N/T

Storehouse 40 Piece Hose Clamp Assortment-----More total junk and I do mean JUNK! Those clamps are almost guaranteed to strip and could cause you major problems, I would recommend taking a pass on these.

In-line Ignition Spark Checker-------------------N/T
U.S. General Oil Pump Primer Kit -----------------N/T
Mechanic's Stethoscope------------------------OK, but not the best.
U.S. General Engine Oil Pressure Test Kit---------N/T
Four Wheel Drive Ball Joint Service Kit-----------N/T
Pittsburgh Blind Hole Bearing Puller------------------OK
U.S. General 17 Piece Heavy Duty Slide Hammer Kit--OK
Pittsburgh 46 Piece Bolt Puller Set------------------- Really good set, substitute grade 8 bolts and it is even better.

Pittsburgh 4 Piece Three-Jaw Puller Set-------------Usable but tend to break on a really hard pull, for the price not to bad but don't expect too much of them.

U.S. General Pulley Remover and Installer Set-----Excellent!
Central Pneumatic Brake Fluid Bleeder-----------N/T
U.S. General 14 Piece Slide Hammer and Puller Set---Good.
U.S. General 14 Piece Master Ball Joint Adapter Set--N/T
Pittsburgh 7 Piece Brake Tool Set----------------------N/T

Steering Wheel Remover Set-----------------------Good, a bargain!

U.S. General 5 Piece Front End Service Tool Set-------N/T

U.S. General Air Superiority 7.5 HP 80 Gallon 175 PSI Air Compressor---I have not tried one of these but we talked about them recently and I did get to look at one in the store. Believe it not these are not China imports and actually have an industrial duty American built Baldor motor on them, even the tank is USA made and IMO these should be a very good deal. Wait until they come on sale which happens often and use one of the E-mail or magazine 20% off coupons and you can just about steal one of these things!

Central Forge 8" Swivel Vise-------------------Usable but best considered light duty, better deal would be a Wilton, Colombian or Craftsman (the heavy duty Craftsman).

Central Hydraulics 10 Ton Super Heavy Duty Portable Hydraulic Equipment Kit------N/T
45 Piece Metric Titanium Nitride Coated Alloy Steel Tap & Die Set---No good!
Pittsburgh 45 Piece SAE Titanium Nitride Coated Alloy Steel Tap & Die Set---No good!
Pittsburgh Heavy Duty 17-1/2" Hand Riveter With Collection Bottle-N/T
Central Pneumatic Pneumatic Spark Plug Cleaner---------N/T
Central Pneumatic 1/4" Air Hydraulic Riveter--------------N/T

I would strongly recommend avoiding any tap and die set from HF unless they are to be used ONLY for rethreading. Taps and dies are something you definitely don't want to cheap out on because poor quality here can be a major PITA!
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