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Gen3_with_455 01-22-2004 11:49 PM

Tools of the Trade

W.O.T. Stang 01-23-2004 12:09 AM

Re: Tools of the Trade

Originally posted by Gen3_with_455
I'm switching fields from Computers to Automotive... I've been working on, and building customs, cars for about 12 years now... We have three "shops" set up, my dad actually owns a business (I've been scrubbin' there for the past couple years, but business isn't big enough to support the two of us), at my mom's we've got a setup (compressor, cutter-torch, ceiling-hung engine hoist, and some tools), and at my brother's we've got a garage (compressor, impact/cutting/sanding/paint tools, ceiling mounted engine hoist, jacks, engine stands, etc.) set up. I basically use the tools at the shops, but, now that I'm going to be going to work for another shop, I need tools of my own.

My question is, in a general automotive shop (like Pep Boys, or Midas) what tools would I need? I have compression, fuel, vacuum, and timing tools, serpentine belt tensioner stuff, and three sets of both metric and standard sockets (1/4" set, and 3/8" shallow and deep sockets) hammers, alldata :mwink: small torches (MAPP and Oxy/Acetylene ), a couple of pry bars, and screwdrivers (a small set). I DON'T have any air tools (I know I'll need some). My big question is, what tools do I NEED to get for this career switch. I'm so used to just grabbing what I need and going with it. I don't really want a "brand-war" I know that everyone has a preference (Snap-On, MATCO, Craftsman, Mack ...), I will be getting craftsman tools for now (they are the one's I can most easily afford right now).

You have quite a few of the major ones listed, but make sure you get a real good torque wrench too, that's all I can think to add right now.

Craftsman tools arent bad at all really. They break, but almost all tools break sooner or later. My dad always used to say that if you never broke a tool, then you werent trying hard enough.

BstMech 01-23-2004 12:13 AM

What ever tools you end up getting (it's a never ending thing), make sure that you get a good engraver to insure that they'll remain "your tools". ;) :D

W.O.T. Stang 01-23-2004 12:14 AM


Originally posted by BstMech
What ever tools you end up getting (it's a never ending thing), make sure that you get a good engraver to insure that they'll remain "your tools". ;) :D
Excellent point! I was just coming back here to mention that to him!

k2mooch 01-23-2004 05:53 AM

Air compressor and air tools are definitely a versatility to own. I'm so used to using them at my old job changing tires, I need to get one.

Breaker bars, will save your butt too. Torque wrenches. Craftsman is good for a business, IF they break, take em to sears and get a new one. No problems at all.


Busted Knuckles 01-23-2004 06:12 AM

Duct tape, JB Weld, and a big hammer.....kidding.
Don't scrimp on the compresser. Big two stage standup. I use a little 5hp single stage on a thirty gallon tank, and some of my tools keep it pumping continuously. I'd want a much larger one if I had to depend on it for a living.

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