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Originally Posted by 0trbo4myCHEVUICK View Post
Well im just looking for some advice from the old school. About to go hear a vortec 350 out of a wrecked 99 suburban, it has 179,000 miles on it for 300 bucks.. Apparantly it runs very well with no smoke or leaks, We will see

300 bucks on the complete engine leaves me about 600 in the budget. Dad sais if it runs and doesent smoke or tick-knock with zero leaks i should leave it the F alone, drop it in and drive it till it dies then do the rebuild i really want. which sounds like a pretty good idea since im in a big hurry to have transportation.

It would just be really hard to not touch it and i dont want to get left high and dry one day with no cash to fix it.... I have a little money now and thats rare with a three year old at 22. Its only getting worse too.

Buy a used carb and intake, Have a valve job done on the heads , mild aftermarket roller cam and hopefully used headers? Or would my money be beter spent all in the bottom end and aquire top end upgrades as i go? Or do as my dad sais leave it alone and spend the money on front end repairs.
If you don't have extra money leave it the F alone and get it running first!

That being said while it is out you may want to check the bearings while it is not in a car, its easy enough to check and if they're wiped its a PITA to fix after your engine is in the car.

Down the road if everythign is running good then you can start shopping around for a used intake and a good carb, some used headers etc.

Don't be in a rush to spend money when money is short.
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