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Originally Posted by 65Stanger
When you last ran the car.... it all ran and engaged everything? When I fill up a tranny after I've put a transmission in a car fill up the transmission with a few quarts 4 or 5 or 6 depending on the size of the transmission and start it up. It will all flow into the torque converter and everywhere. Think about it logically... the pump pushes tranny fluid all throughout everything, torque converter included, and should fill it up at any time. What do you mean it shifts like it's supposed to but doesn't engage the driveline? When you put it in reverse you feel the car go into gear, but then it doesn't go anywhere? When the engine's running can you see the torque converter moving through the dust cover on the transmission? Is your driveshaft bolted up? Make sure that you have enough fluid in the transmission. Check the transmission fluid while it's running and in park, and make sure that it's full. If it's low, fill it up, and it will probably work great.
Well the car wasn't mine when it was last driven, but it's a 350 tranny, when i say it shift like it is suppose too i mean the linkage is adjusted right. When I shift it, I can't feel the car go into gear, and yes I can see the torque converter moving, and yes my drive shaft is bolted up. The dipstick reads that I have enough tranny fluid but I only ran it for a few minutes. I'll let it run for longer and see if I can get the converter to fill up, and see if that makes a difference.
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