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pjd 09-10-2005 06:36 PM

Torque converter, diesel vs gas
I bought a 1982 Chevy 6.2 diesel half ton with a bad transmission in it $250. It has a th400 in it and I pulled the transmission and someone had tried to rebuild it and it only had 4 check balls in it among other rebuilding mistakes. It was impossible for the truck to run with the transmission like it was and I am rebuilding it. There was no metal in the pan and the torque converter seems OK. The motor sounds good but have not been able to drive it on the highway to verify it is a good motor, the truck itself is a solid truck and was used on the farm with no tag for public roads.

My question is should I replace the torque converter when I put the transmission back in or use the old one? If the engine turns out to be bad I have a 400 to replace it with. I don't want to spend the money for a new diesel torque converter which has 6 bolts and then have to replace it with a standard 3 bolt torque converter. Does anyone know what the difference between the two, could I use the six bolt on the 400 and just use three bolts? This is our first diesel, Thanks for your help.

broncoII88 09-10-2005 07:01 PM

I'm sure the disiel has 3 extra bolts to handle the massive torque output of a disiel. :thumbup: The previous owner prolly didn't d*ck around with the torque converter, but it might need to be replaced if the trans was rebuilt. Does it seem to be slipping at all?

pjd 09-10-2005 07:29 PM

It wasn't slipping and pulled in forward but had no reverse at all. It was losing fluid as fast as I could put it in. When I bought it, it had a funnel in the dipstick and a pile of transmission fluid bottles in the bed :pain: so I knew it was bad. The snap rings gaps were on the opposite side and they had put in some kind of additive that ate the rubber seals and fiber thrust washers. Some bolts were finger tight and some were so tight it just about stripped the threads, but the clutches look new in it but the both bands were toast. I bought it from the salvage so I didn't get to ask questions of the rebuilders on what they did. :eek:

I'm not a transmission guy but this is my third th400 rebuild and I have the book.

Crosley 09-10-2005 08:25 PM

the t-400 only needs two (2) check balls in the correct locations to operate fine.

The diesel converter is a lower stall speed rating than a gasoline converter.

pjd 09-10-2005 08:52 PM

Check ball question, talked to a friend on the phone who is rebuilding a 700r4 for me and he said it only needed four, what is the deal with the different amount of check balls? How does the different amount of check balls affect performance?

I read some previous posts on the converters and which to use so I understand that part better.

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