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blown81 10-16-2005 07:29 AM

Torque Converter Failure - TH350
Can someone explain what I should be looking for in the initial failure stage of a torque converter. I think I may have one going bad but since Iíve never blown one out, Iím not sure if Iím looking in the right place. Let me explain:

Stats first..

TH 350 in an 81 Camaro. Transmission sits behind a supercharged 383. I wonít burn up the thread with all the engine details, but the calculated HP for the setup should be around 450+ hp. I rebuilt the transmission about 800 miles ago (my first rebuild Ė may be some of the problem..) One of the bad choices I made during the build-up was to purchase a ďbargainĒ 2400 stall converter on E-Bay. I donít remember the brand name, but I hadnít heard of them before, and Iím sure you all havenít either.

Anyway Ė 5 or 600 miles of break-in around town and I went to the strip for 10 or 12 all out runs on an 1/8 mile track. I now have what sounds a bit like a bearing failure somewhere in the drive train. I have the noise regardless of the gear, or even if the car is moving. Iím targeting the torque converter because I have no dought that I greatly exceeded the abuse this cheapo torque convert should take.

Long story short, can someone give me some examples of TC failure signs and / or experience? Or maybe TC failure is more catastrophic instead of slowly (i.e. ďself-destruct"). Your experience and advice is appreciated

- Stan

Jmark 10-16-2005 11:41 AM

I had a very similar un-explained noise shortly after rebuilding my th350 too. A very high pitched squeel at all times. It got worse as the engine temp went up. I stopped by a tranny shop and they said its most likely the converter. They surmised that it was put together with too much preload on the torrington bearing inside. I returned the converter under warantee and the new one is fine now, no squeel since changing it out.


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