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70MonteTPI 03-23-2002 07:57 PM

TPI on older motor??
Hi, I just got a TPI setup off of a 86 Camaro. I want to put this in my 70 Monte Carlo. I have the ecm and the wiring harness, but I was wondering how do I bypass all of the special sensors that are on the newer motors?? I have a 1970 350 that I was going to build and put this on, so I wouldn't have all of those sensors. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

KULTULZ 03-23-2002 11:37 PM

-Here- is a website covering the installation of a TPI system into an older Corvette. It should answer a lot of your questions.

A custom wiring harness and ECM is available for easy retrofit. Most of the sensors will have to be retained in order for the ECM to function properly.

Tom 03-25-2002 03:36 AM

use a speed dencity harness and a 7730 computer and only 3 sensor will be needed the EGR soliniod,the knock sensor and the oxygen sensor the rest of the sensors are already on the TPI unit and you will need the distributor

jprowse00 03-26-2002 03:15 PM

big learning curve ahead ..t-p-i- ,isn't going to work without the sensors ,and the sensors need to be in the right place as well need to do some home work on fuel injection ,it is a very different system than carb ,and requires many inputs ,hence the computor ..the good news is ,that with little or no work ,the sensors you have ,will work on the 350 engine you have ..oxygen sensors probably should be new guy i know of ,is in michigan ,HOWELL ,advertises in some of the mag's ..there is probably tons of info on the net ,but i an an amatuer ..please do go ahead with the t-p-pi- , it will work dandy IF you get all your ducks in a row ,or will be a nightmare if you don't have all the info read up before you start ,get more local input , but read ,read ,read ..good luck ..dont forget ,you need hi-pressure,hi volume fuel ,with a return system ,and you must use HI PRESSURE HOSES , otherwise ,major fire hazzard ..jim p ..ont can ..

kiwiconnection 03-28-2002 09:37 PM

unfortunatly, as mentioned in one of the replies posted to you earlier, your engine is just not going to operate without these advice to you after just completing an 85 TPI engine fit into my model A is to seek out an after market computer & harness package, this will provide you with a computer that is far quicker than the arcaic version you currently hold and they usally come with an hp chip installed off the shelf.
to cut down on engine bay clutter ask for a speed density system to suit your TPI manifold, this will do away with that dammed ugly airflow meter.
on the down side, you will have to purchase new o2/MAP & knock sensors to suit the later model computer (which are probably a wise investment anyway) & your 350 block may not have a divet for the knock sensor to screw into ( drivers side central in the block ).
hope this has been of some help, any other questions feel free to email.

Rick Holden 03-30-2002 05:00 AM

Sounds like a neat combination. jprowse00 and kiwiconnection are both on the right track with advice; as far as the knock sensor, your block will have a drain plug in both sides of it; that is where the knock sensor is screwed into for smallblock chevys (teflon sealer and torqued to 15 lbs ft).

Brookwood Mike 04-20-2002 12:13 AM

I recently put a 95 LT-1 in a 61 Chevy wagon. It was quite a challenge but worth the effort. I got a lot of information from Street & Performance in Mena Arkansas. They can build you a harness to match your needs. Their number is (501) 394-5711. They are nice people and very knowledgable. Their specialty is TPI. Their web site is Your probably in for some the guys before said, remember fuel return line back to the tank and high pressure fuel pump (in-line or in-tank). You may even need a new fuse block for the additional electronics. Good luck with your project.

shagginwagonvic 04-20-2002 03:32 AM

whatever you do you will still need all the sensors that go with whatever computer you get the sensors get a five volt reference voltage from the computer and depending on how much gets back to the computer tells the computer to change the settings of the engine, it controls the air/fuel ratio and depending on the comp the smoothness of the engine if the comp senses no input from the sensors it will not run right at all if at all, especially the oxygen sensor, make sure you put a new one of them in, thats the most important sensor, it reads how rich or lean the fuel mixture is and tells the computer to either advance it or retard it, this sensor cycles about 10-20 times in about 10 seconds to keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently i think the basic sensors you will probably need are the TPS, CTS, O2, and the knock sensor

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