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Transmission Issues with a Borg Warner Super T10

Hi, I don't own that old of a performance car but have a 1982 Camaro Z28 with 34,000 original miles with a 305 (LG4) and a Borg Warner Super T10 4 speed with the factory mechanical linkage/clutch setup. I figured this would be the best place to ask since few "third gen" experts are familiar with the Super T10/Mechanical Clutch since it was only used 1 year to my knowledge in these cars before they went to T5's. The car runs and drives great but seems to have some issues with the transmission. I have had the z-bar replaced, clutch linkage adjusted, and the shifter gate bolts were greased and tightened. The car seems to shift nicely when its cool but if you drive it hard, sit in traffic, or let it sit after a short drive then try to drive it again, it becomes very hard to shift. Neutral coasting more often seems to help sometimes but other times doesn't make a difference. Weather does seem to have an effect on it as well, it shifts easier in cooler weather.

Sometimes it won't let you shift into first and other times it becomes difficult to shift into 2nd and third as well. "Spirited" driving often can result in grinding every gear except 4th. For example, I drove it a nice 15 minute drive to Best Buy and it shifted easily in every gear but I neutral-coasted often. After letting the car sit off for 5-10 minutes while in Best Buy, once I started the car it instantly became difficult to shift, grinding reverse and making it difficult to shift into first and second to get out of the parking lot. I've noticed that sometimes it "fixes itself" by shifting better for a minute and if you hold the clutch in when stopped eventually it gets easier to shift sometimes.

I've check the linkage and everything is intact and in good shape/functioning properly. What does have me worried is there is not much slack in the lower clutch rod (only a few threads left until its at the end) but one mechanic assured me the clutch functions fine? I'm at a complete loss at the moment with the transmission and don't want to drop the $$$ on a clutch if I don't have to now. Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.

*Edit* The car is an 1982 Z28 Camaro, which only had this transmission for this year only.
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