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41willys 09-04-2006 07:33 AM

Transmission leaks after sitting
My T400 has developed a leak, its always one thing after another. One thing that I do not do myself is transmissions, but I was told that the 400 as well as others can leak after they have not been driven enough??? I am ready to yank it out because I was thinking pump seal. Until I was told that the converter can drain back and cause excessive fluid in the pan, thus basically overflows.

I spoke to the interior shop the other day and asked if there was any fluid on the ground, and he said it was minimal. There again, it has not been driven. The car has never really been put on the road and broken in yet.

The fluid could be coming from the pan and running forward do to the cars forward rake, but I think it is coming from the pump seal. Waht do you think. I guess I am just preparing myself for the worst. It is a really pain to pull it out of that car.


Deuce 09-04-2006 11:36 AM


It is true that seals will harden, dry up or otherwise leak ... if the vehicle is not driven ...
I have found that the shift arm level is a often the main offender ... and sometimes pan leaks are not pan leaks but in truth ... shift seal leaks.

There is a simple tool to change the seal for most GM automatic transmissions ... PG to 700R4 :thumbup:
KD # 2393... I have changed a lot of them and the leak stopped ... :D

Daz_uk 09-04-2006 03:02 PM

I've had a similar issue with my C6.Been standing some months then operated the shifter and noticed a leak from the arm soon after.
BUT it has stopped leaking now.Put it down to a dry seal.

41willys 09-04-2006 06:27 PM

The car doesn't sit - sit for long periods. I was getting it out here and there and driving around the neighborhood before it went to get interior.

Also, I am using one of those Lokar dipsticks, I wander how acurate it is? Maybe too much fluid?


123pugsy 09-04-2006 07:03 PM

My TH400 used to leak every winter when I parked it from the rear seal until I drove it in the spring. Stopped leaking after I ran it till the next winter........

22068 09-05-2006 05:07 PM

My diesel sits for 2 weeks at a time sometimes and it will leak but if I drive it more often than that, it doesn't.

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