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Transmission problems?!?

I got so many problems that i'll just bomb you guys with it. I want to se some serious brainstorming Well then my first consern is that I think i migth need more preassure in the trans because when i shift it from neutral to drive it delays it for 5 seconds, but reverse slams in immediately. That i dont know maybe a bad pump thingy, when i take it from park to first it acts a bit quicker maybe 3 seconds or less. But when driving it, it works fine when shifting manually 1-2 but from there is is a pain. Going up the hill it wants to shift to first but just cant do it, and i have to do it manually or it shakes. manually shifting 1-2 is fine as i said but when in D or OD it just purrs and shakes during shiftpoints that is 1-2 is around 3.000rpm 2-3 is around 5.500 3-4 hah dream on... You can get it at wide open throttle but i dont want to ruin a perfectly good 305... The delay has always been there but the slipping only started after i fixed the speedometer i had to change the wire and the outer speedo gear i had the govenor out (i guess i messed up around there) but the gear only missed one tooth so i guessed it would go fine i needed the green gear so i kept it in. The ECU is removed so i am trying to find a way to wire the lockup on a way that it reacts on the 4th gear switch and the brake lights, that would be enough wouldnt it?

And recently i was refurnishing my brain i remembered that the problems started after dooing a burnout slide in a public parking space, I just hammered the brakes in panic (when the cops saw me). I then remembered that i drove only about 5 kilometers and it started the purring so i stopped to check the oil and the dipstic was burning hot (i know i need some new parts because of that, but not what parts). And now i read somewhere that the governor spring could fall out doing that, so i wonder if that is the shaking but i havent smelled anything burned. so... I DONT KNOW! I maybe have a 86 LS parts car if a new trans is needed (pluss i want some of the interior).

Greetings from Bergen, Norway where there is one slightly unhappy 87 Monte SS owner
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