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Originally Posted by deadbodyman
.Personaly I dont use shims It looks amiturish and cobbled and a pro will spot them at ten paces ...heat the hinge cherry red and bend it slightly up or down or side to side with the deck attached ....
That is a little harsh there hotrod, "amiturish and cobbled" . Yes it is less than perfect to do this, but it is not amiturish. Do you know how they aligned it at the factory? They hit the inside of the lid with a large hammer smashing the inner stucture! Look under the lids of this vintage "A" body and you will see these large dents, they were done at the factory!

Secondly, the car is painted and "done" so heating a hinge with a torch is out of the question.

Thirdly, bending a hinge with a torch just perfect for the perfect fit is a stretch for a pro let alone a home hobbiest. It would likely be bend up and down a few times and still resort to a shim in the end for perfection.

Ron, you would be surprised how little of a "shim" (you can use a washer and painted black you will barely see it) it takes to move that lid down. It will NOT take as much to lower it as it is high. It usually takes just one washer to lower it enough.

As I said before, if you push the lid all the way up and then push it further after it stops you can bend the hinge and the underside of the lid where the hinge bolts on. You will have a LOT of leverage by pushing up on the back of the lid, so be careful. But if this car wasn't painted this would be the first thing I would do. Now that it is all painted, I would still do it, but CARE must be taken as to not hit the lid on the upper body panel!

After that, shim it and forget it. No one is going to judging you or your method from this side.

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