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Originally Posted by deadbodyman
OK ,so I retract my shim statement...the mans deck is alresdy sitting to high so shims will do nothing but make it worse anyway... and we'll be argueing a point about opinions that wont help him at back to the point.... dissassemble all connecting hardware hinges & latch etc...Place the deck in the hole ,if the fit is good and gaps can be acceptable adjust hight with the bumpers.....(use masking tape to hold it in place)...if you can get it to fit like like this.....your ok ,no bent hinges and the deck isnt twisted now all you got to do is move the hinges to the deck (by what ever means you find fitting) removing torsion bars or springs will be a big help(reinstall them after the latch) for an easier job. Ok so once the hinges have been adjusted to the posision of the deck,the latch should just fall in place,adjust it by simply latching it to to deck (while opend),close the deck,tape it in position,have the midget tighten the latch from the inside."Simple" no need for shims or beating it with a sledge hammer (hehehe) we've come a long way since those day's (I thought) But all & all you've learned a good leason on fit & finish allways fit before you finish....You wont forget this lesson so its a win win

Deadman, I am sorry buddy but you are all wrong on this and are complicating it beyond the moon.

You CAN shim the lid LOWER. This one is high at the rear, shim it lower. And the "bumpers" aren't adjustable! It has quarter sized rubber bumpers that are about a quarter inch thick that stick thru holes in the in the deck lid with a little arrow pointie thing hanging on the back. That is it, no screw type adjustment like on a hood.

And the hinges aren't adjustable at all and in fact as I remember don't even bolt in! They use one pin going thru a welded in piece on the underside of the upper rear panel thru the end of the hinge, NO adjustment.

So you shim the lid at the hinge to bring the front down and then put the striker up or down to adjust the rear.

Edit: By the way Ron, one thing that I don't remember seeing being mentioned by you is if the trunk rubber SEAL has been installed!

If you are using a bad trunk seal all bets are off on this alignment!

Some brands are WAY too thick (hell, I had an NOS original GM one that I was planning on using that was JUNK and WAY to thick!) and will hold the lid up.

If you installed the rubber in there wrong, it could cause you fits with the lid as well. As you round the corners up in the front it wants to roll in and it is REAL easy to screw it up. What I did on my Gran Sport was to tape it down with masking tape so the "flap" of the rubber was down around the corner. After it sat with the lid shut on it for a week or so I was able to remove the tape and it stayed where it belonged.

So tell me, have you installed the rubber and what brand was it?


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