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Originally Posted by MARTINSR
Deadman, listen, I don't know what to say. You are right, we all do things different. I personally would have made the mounting adjustable on that lid and no bending of hinges would have been needed. On the Camaro, it is supported ALL WRONG for cutting all that structure out it's no wonder there were panel fit problems! HOLY CRAP, you're lucky it didn't narrow the car by a foot the way it's supported!

Think about this, how could raising or lower the quarter have anything to do with the relation between the hinge and the lid on that car?

You are way over complicating this, the car is painted, shim the friggin lid and get on with life!

Building a car from scratch or modifying it is a whole different thing. Restoring a car from bare metal, it's a whole differnet story. Are you kidding me? If I were doing this car in pre-filler stage I would grab a hold of that lid and bend the %$#^ out of it and be done with it. But that can't be done here. If I were doing it pre-filler I would think nothing of grabbing my spoon and hammer and whacking it up or down along the edges to make the thing fit perfect, that can't be done here.

brian ,this might be a little off topic but still something might still be learned first where would you suggest supporting the car when replacing the frame rails? and second what you might not see is the frame connectors for drag racing made of 1/4" square stock that wernt removed untill everythig was done...without the frame rails or 1/4's there just a thin piece of steel at the top of the 1/4's that if someone leaned on would cause it to drop ..therefore the deck would still be at the right posistion but looking like it was too high ,the cure was to raise the drivers 1/4up 1/2"till every thing lined back up nothing at all to do with the hinges...last but not least every part of this car was painted off the car and assembled with no help it fits perfectly with better than factory gaps and not even a scratch....BUT it was put together and taken apart untill every part just fell on not one shim either I realize I can be a little anal about a few things and shims just happens to be one of them the camero does have the factory shims in the tops and bottoms of the fenders but thats factory and like I said I've never seen a shim in a factory door or a deck lid and personaly find it totaly unnecesary to put them there so if you see a shim in a door or a deck its NOT factory. But I'm only talking as far back as 46 and I'm only talking about the doors and decks ,the front sheet metal on all most older cars are loaded with them but just the front. But I am curious as to where you would support the camero since its done now and assembly only took a day with no problems at all ,I'm always interested in making the work a little easier.LOL and thanks for the typing tip I'm getting much better(two fingers and a thumb)I know you work at a body shop but in the shop or in the office?

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