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i have to disagree with a good amount of your last post Ironpony.

first one person at this moment in time. and you are trying to tell me, it is more worth it, to spend a good amount of time tracking down every single point of cost. sounds like a joke to me. even if i had a team, you are still telling me, that you would rather have the team waste half there time tracking down costs of things, vs just getting it done in the first place, and what ever is come up may not even get used, due to it does not work out for that particular idea / set of parts? that really does not make a lot of sense to me.

ya eventally when it gets past a prototype stage. and then getting near final product ya, cost is a factor. but man, sounds like someone is trying to make an excuse to keep there job at moment. and it sounds like it is time for re-assignment into something else and if they can not change it is time to wave bye bye.

seriously protyping on a smaller scale. i would initially agree with you at first. but really? there is a huge difference, between small scale and a larger scale. when it comes down to wire sizes, pipes for fluid and gas, the entire dynamics completely puts everything into a different set of variables that get spit out. by forumlas. and it is not just simply oh make a smaller unit, but when it gets made bigger the entire unit will all fall right in line. with just making it bigger, it does not work that way. metals to various other materials. also do not line up. from simply upscaling. from small prototype to a larger scale version.

i gotta wonder, between today's age of rapid prototyping on the computer, and more so 3D simulation setups, a unit can be placed into, without ever having to physically make anything. why there is need for smaller prototyping? maybe i am missing something. beyond the need for someone that requires a physical thing in front of them to better grasp it all. trying to figure out why i am being tied back to old age doings when computers were not around. i thought reason for these expensive full size 3D simulation setups. was just that, for rapid prototyping. and cost of the full 3D simulation, vs multi prototyping of multi things as physical models. it was cheaper for full 3D simulation. *scratches head* maybe i am missing something, and these full 3D simulation setups are a joke? i gotta wonder if all the hype is what it is all cracked up to be.... *scratching head*

perhaps missing point, of trying to assign a few way to many folks at an idea at one time. just kinda tossing money at things. vs a handful of folks, that get changed in and out as things progress. maybe having multi different third party contractors coming in as needed for an overall job. that specalizes in different aspects, that i am use to. is not the right way to go about things. from building a home. and having basement dug, then another company getting basement floor done, and another for basement wall, and another for roughing out the main floor walls and floors and roof, and another for house wrap, and other for shingles, and another for electrical, and another for plumbing.
maybe i am missing a point some place, were an asbesto company comes in as removes asbestos, and anther company comes in todo HVAC work, or boil work, or..... what ever it maybe, and then another company coming in to deal with this or that to finish things up.
from what i get from you, i get idea that a bunch of folks / companies were tossed together and said get it done and money just kept being tossed at ya. maybe i am wrong.

to above, i gotta wonder sometimes, bringing a bunch of third party companies, on various things, and paying overhead, for all the extra bosses, and accountants, and duplication of equipment, all duplication of paper work. or i should multi duplicates of paper work. that tend to end up being a few inches thick. i never really understood it. and needing to assign at min 1 person that is dedicated to paper work for each third party company.

on another note.... i really do not bite, for companies having problems with (best efficiency point) of an engine and dealing with emissions. and trying to keep at a higher level of efficiency. granted i have never went through it, so i am talking out of my rear. but some times i gotta scratch my head and say huh? and this is one of them.
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