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Hey I'm just trying to help. By offering realistic suggestions, based on having been there and done that. You are confusing me too in your last post you said you would consider costs maybe after the prototype was built. Then You say that with computer design it's not needed. Well I hate to be the one to tell you this but just about every company that builds anything still prototypes. Even when they use computer aided design. And My point about building the directional boring machines and having 3 engineering firms on the design, seemed to be lost on you too. One firm was a hydraulic engineering firm. One was a electrical engineering firm. And one was for structural engineering. Plus we had the engine manufacture's engineering division there too. (That one was the Caterpillar tractor company) And on top of all that the owner of the company that dreamed up the idea in the first place was himself a engineer. Why would this Man use that many engineering firms to help him build something that had never been done before, And build scale prototypes to test before comiting to full size prototypes that cost in 1985 dollars close to 6 million to build. I don't know maybe he just wanted to burn money. But he was successful the day He died he was worth billions. But You said I don't know why you would need those other firms, And yet you by your own admission say that you know next to nothing about engines. And in your last post you said you didn't want to compete with the other manufactures you wanted to join them. And finely when you go to join them the first thing they WILL ask is what kind of performance can you get from your tractor. Ours can plow 280 acres a hour. Then you stand there and say well my computer testing shows I can get 300 acres a hour. So then they ask well have you built a prototype to test this? Your answer no but the computer says it will. Ok they say what is it going to cost to build each unit, We know that our unit's cost 72,000 to build each. And We sell them for 210,000 each. So what is the cost of production for your tractor. Well I really don't know as I didn't figure that was important. The result: Meeting over thanks for coming. I really hope I'm wrong about this. But if you are successful and can actually get this in production come back on this site and tell us how you did. I know this sounds mean but it is based on Me trying the same thing you are trying to do many times. I could give you examples but I don't think You are interested. But I will leave you with one thing. I never even mentioned the biggest wall you will have to get around. The old standby for most company's, "If it wasn't developed here we aren't interested." Do some searching about inventor's and see how many time that has come up for inventors trying to submit their ideas. Hope this helps Bill
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