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*rubs chin* been mulling over your posts here on this thread Ironpony. for last few hours.
first off: You caught me on every single point Bill. and you have pointed out my ignorance and my stupidity.

the state or fact of being ignorant; lack of knowledge, learning, information, etc.

a : slow of mind : obtuse
b : given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner
c : lacking intelligence or reason : brutish

: dulled in feeling or sensation : torpid <still stupid from the sedative>

: marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting : senseless <a stupid decision>

a : lacking interest or point <a stupid event>

second.... you are asking me to provide information. that clearly i will not be able to achieve on my own. both prototype and what tractor could do in a field, and how much. all notations are reasonable. i am asking for help.

I am not trying to sell an idea, i am here with concept that i know is not fully flushed out. I know what i want. a fully functional tractor/implement setup, that can be used. I am here to see this concept for what ever it may end up being to the end. regardless of consequences and my ignorance or stupidity along the way. said it multi times before, i am making it up as i go along as needed, when needed, and hopefully what makes sense and works. and hopefully learn quickly without falling flat on my face. per my last post, and learn lesson the hard way. with that said. thank you for taking the extra time with your last post.

third. I have been posting on 3 different forums, that are within the industry i am focusing at. "agriculture / tractors / implements" most comments i get back fromm PM "private messages" and email, going something like this.... ya i would like to reply, but most of everything is far above me. or your nuts and quickly get overwhelmed, due to out of there scoop of knowledge and understanding. this is coming from same area, i am trying to get help from. and frankly i am right along with those same folks. of being over my head, and getting overwhelmed. and at moment it is engines.

forth....If i have to apply for a full patent/s i will. and if i have to seek funding i will. if i need to seek out and pay for this or that service, or information, i will. but it will not stop me from pestering the tractor manufactures, from taking this concept / idea on. they have the resources and more so the more specialized knowledge, that would be needed to make this into reality.

with above....
--what would it take, for me to come to one of these companies R&D places were there is a handful folks, that have 3D abilities and knowledge. and spend a week with them. hammering out basic concept doings? if not willing to take on cost, how much will it cost me? so i can come up with the money. assumption non-disclosure agreements signed. i am only looking to tie up a min of 2 people at a time. at this point if i am paying the bill.

if, then, elses, and buts. flat out what would it take for above to happen? it all comes back to... $$$. and i am putting my cash were my mouth is. it may not be much cash. but it is what it is.

fifth. if a company picks this up. they can have at it, patent/s etc... just give me a fair wage. my ignorance / stupidity showing up once again.... then again flexibility. i am not here to get rich, i need/want a usable machine. that can work. and not some over bloated tractor and implements, that leaves with. "what can you do" and just take it. that i have heard to many times before.

if it takes me acting like a client and company helping build the machine so be it. if company takes it over as there own product, so be it. if i have to go out and alone for another couple years, and play the game per say, so be it.

my email is within all the forums i have posted to a click or 2 away.
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