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cutthroatkid 05-01-2013 01:32 AM

trying to make this satin gray
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I'm trying to reproduce this far I've tryd tractor paints just cuz there cheap. I tryd flat black with white it turns grey just can't can get that sheen.I have some spi epoxy black someone here suggested adding there epoxy white but again well I get that Sheen?Here's a picture of what I'm after.Thank you.

BarryK 05-01-2013 06:44 AM

You are wasting money and time and creating a potential de-lamination time bomb.

To paint that size of car like it is:
Get one quart of base of a good brand, or a gallon of a crap brand.
Base car.
Then apply a flat clear and you are done.
The picture shows a 3-6% gloss witch is the same as cladding on all the new cars, so any major flattened clear will match dead nuts.

You cannot fly with eagles when you are fooling around with chickens, most painters learn this pretty quick as far as saving a buck.

cutthroatkid 05-01-2013 10:50 AM

when I've been painting cars lately only by the best materials I can get.My cost issue with it is if I'm just wasting it on fenders practice in to get the right color why would I go out and buy a bunch of expensive paints that's not even going to cover a car?The Gallos card it is says the flat grey word but didn't give any more info

BarryK 05-01-2013 01:13 PM

What you are trying to do is the most difficult thing in painting to do, in my book.

Easy to do on small panel, like a cycle tank but to do a whole car and get it even and the % of sheen you want is no easy task.

Like one jobber told me a year ago, I love this type of work because they will be back buying the same materials again to redo.

So all I'm saying is get the right paint code and the brand you want and get a premixed matte clear, too make your life easier and also to avoid the nightmare of messing up one fender and on the redo, it don't match.
A six inch test panel with the right products, is all you need and that won't waste anything.

there seems to be nothing custom about the picture you posted, so no doubt, it is just a factory color and a standard matte clear.

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