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Originally Posted by 632Mantis View Post
Yeah, gotta have someone to kick around up here. It can be me. I volunteer.

Tunnel-Rams are stupid for several reasons.
( least of which is all the boat nerds think they are cool )

You see them all the time at car shows. They stick up real high, and people think 2 carbs looks cooler than 1 carb.
Looks like YOU are in that category. You go girl. Whatever floats your boat.

Fabricated tunnel rams belong on ProStock engines, and Pro-mod/Outlaw drag motors.
But hey, if you like the way they look, good for you. Run it.
I know people who think chrome hood hinges are cool.

Funny how defensive you got when I expressed my opinion.
( Like I kicked your dog or something. )
Tunnel Rams on street motors are GAY. You won't see one on my street engine!

Have a nice day, pal.

Lol, "you go girl" cute, and remotely entertaining.....but at the end of the day, yep, I like how they look, I have zero issue with that. In my junk, they don't actually "stick way up" but that's OK, it isn't a "fabricated" tunnel ram either. Its a good old fashioned plane Jane Weiand. I didn't get defensive, I simply reacted to a blunt, and unsolicited remark about how you hate my choice of intake....
Its going to have good old gold moroso valve covers, velocity stacks on top of the ridiculous 2 carbs, bright yellow accel wires, and I will likely paint my alum heads to hide them.....might even throw on a chrome Rad cap cause i won't have hinges....and im ok with, even look forward to a 70's cheeseball street rod theme....except it will hopefully actually perform half decent. I don't know you, your post wasn't constructive, or help full, or even up for an entertaining attention, I can argue with several people here, sometimes even heated.....but most offer an opinion based on something opposed to "boat guys hate em" or the one that really shows your level of intelligence.... "tunnel rams on street motors are gay" again, it seems I have been suckered into a debate with someone who has been here all of a month and means zero to me in the grand scheme of things........hang around a few years and get back to me with something intelligent or constructive and then we can have a real debate....till then your nothing but a guy with a half decent looking truck and a pss poor attitude....
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