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.. If anybody ever tells me they want the dual quad tunnel ram look on the street, I always tell them GO FOR IT with the Summit/Weiand/Holley setup!

.. Hot Rod started to put up their SBC 350" 7 manifold comparison article online, but for some reason stopped at one page, instead of putting up a page for each intake/carb.(s) setup test like in the magazine... fortunately, I also have the magazine...

.. The Weiand Tunnel Ram that Summit sells in a kit with carb.s & linkage at a reasonable price is a STREET tunnel ram and perfectly streetable, including low RPM torque and good MPG (with sensible cam and gearing). Hot Rod tested it with the bottom level twin Holley 450's and said it ran perfectly right out of the box. Including, to their surprise, no unusual bogging despite mechanical secondaries, and NO DP, NO VS..!!! Summit had it a well tuned kit. It also outperformed EVERY other street and semi-race manifold at every RPM with MORE TORQUE and more HP. The only one to make slightly more top end power was the more race-oriented Eddy Tunnel Ram with much bigger carb.s (750 Dominators?), and they felt if the Weiand had been ordered with the 600 carb. option, it prolly would have beat the Eddy TR as well... but with slightly poorer low and mid-RPM performance, unless the VS's on the 600's would have helped there......

.. The Weiand TR with dual 450's would be OVERKILL, if anything, for your engine, HR was getting around 500HP from it on their 350", even bigger carb.'s would be more overkill... as in crappy running... oh, sure, it could be adjusted to sound like it was running good with dual 750's, but strap it to a dyno and it would have a sick torque curve... and waste gas doing it... I've seen numerous engines sound fantastically powerful subjectively, but put them on the strip or dyno and they fall flat compared to a well-matched combo... hell, some of them, just put a tach on them and you're disappointed..! Sure, 632 Mantis is giving you some incorrect info on street TR's, but he does make a few good points on not going overboard with mismatching things...

.. The article intro:

Carburetor Shootout - Carburetor Test & Review - Tech - Hot Rod Magazine

.. The impressive SBC 350/Weiand TunnelRam (engine for pictures only, not the one they tested on):

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