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Originally Posted by bygddy View Post
Oh yah, they are a Chinese casting, and the initial generation of them were problematic. There is a tooooooooon of info online about them....marketed as an Australian head initially, and poor quality control etc, so unfortunately they now have a pretty bad rep. That being said, the guys that I know that are using the newer genaration castings are having great success with them. It all depends on how you get them, if your getting directly from procomp I might be leary of their machining and their hardware, but alot of them now are being bought by places like the Skip white eBay store, and having their own local US machine shops go over them and install good parts. This also makes it much easier to return or warranty if the need arises. The bottom line is, bang for the buck, there's not much better and they have come along way from where they started.
I have a set here right next to me these are nice. If i was going to clean up the ports i wpuld need one sanding roll and 3 mins per port. They really are that good. I could go wild but the 210cc ports are very well shaped and pretty large. They would push 600 hp Nicely ported. For sure. I am hoping for close to 500. My intake is crap casue its a vette and i dont want to trash the hood and too much to replace. So if i hit 500 i will dance a jig but 400 at the wheels will easily make my day.

Yep read up on them and was going to buy bare casting or edel e streets or something but found these worked up with all the right stuff. Ready to go. I do plan to run a large victor intake at some point so wanted as much head as i could afford.

Have you actually seen in writing from procomp these are made in china. Cause china does not really do chevy car parts for the most part. And usally large lumps of aluinum come from canada or other countries with aluminum resources. Now i beleive you but have not seen it but everyone on the net screams china junk but china does not have much advantages for casting large aluminum parta like other countries do. I also would not put it past the aussies. But these could be made anywhere. All you need is a small foundry a large haas and a good patten.

These look alot like edelbrocks i was wondering if they were a sister brand of one of the big three. Since most of the time pattens are hardest thing to come buy. I would like to know if these are a stolen patten. But would not be suprised if one of the big three makes these dirt cheap and doesnt want there name on them.
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