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bygddy 01-02-2013 05:21 PM

Tunnel rams are cooool
So, here's what I have done....flipped, flopped, supercharged or not..383 or not....yada yada yada....
Summit rebuild kit, flat top hypers, 60 over, already ordered.
Then this, Weiand tunnel ram, 2 600 holleys
This I now have.
Block is getting zero decked.
Turns out my 1150$ ik200's are actually 1400$ when I called to decided on the Dart shp 200's. They will get some porting and clean up.
Cam will be Lunati solid, 247/256, 525/540, 106lsa, 100icl, pn#30120521
Converter is still the 3000 stall (yes I know a 3500+ would be better.
Gears will be 486
Long tube headers, 3" exhaust, undecided on mufflers.
Compression should be 10.5, quench is 0.041
Bottom end is ordered already, intake and carbs I have, converter I have.
So that's it....opinions? fights, gladly listen....yes Gary, even you lol....truce.
Will be running no hood, checkerboard painted firewall, gold moroso valve covers, Mr gasket velocity stacks....even bright yellow accel wires! Ghetto 70's retro with 80's cheesy pro street.....I love it.

Richiehd 01-02-2013 05:34 PM

I like it!! Keep the pictures coming! I like the small plenum on that Weiand too.

bygddy 01-02-2013 05:46 PM

Going in this....minus the hood...and alot lower rideheight

bygddy 01-02-2013 05:46 PM

And minus those horrible mirrors....

Gus's 40 01-02-2013 06:22 PM

sounds like fun! looking forward to some pictures and I agree about the mirrors,but a really cool ride:)

vinniekq2 01-02-2013 06:36 PM

carbs already bought? I would use 2x750. The 600s are fine,just me

bygddy 01-02-2013 07:09 PM


Originally Posted by vinniekq2 (Post 1629892)
carbs already bought? I would use 2x750. The 600s are fine,just me

I currently have one 600 vs, and one 750 dp. I wondered and wanted opinions on this very thing....set up right, am I better with the 750's mechanical? As I still need one Carb, it makes it easy to change

vinniekq2 01-02-2013 07:30 PM

I used 2x750 carters on my 350(years ago)the double pumpers are more difficult to fit.

Talk about carb noise when you pull through the gears.

bygddy 01-02-2013 07:33 PM


Originally Posted by vinniekq2 (Post 1629917)
I used 2x750 carters on my 350(years ago)the double pumpers are more difficult to fit.

Talk about carb noise when you pull through the gears.

Yah, the 600's fit with no issue end to end, and I have a linkage already for that set up, but if its going to be a significantly better idea to use the dp's I can mount them sideways and buy a new lnkage.....I bet it would sound vicious at full song with 2 750 wide open lol.

vinniekq2 01-02-2013 07:44 PM

the only way I can describe the carb sound,which when coming at you was louder than the exhaust,,,


bygddy 01-02-2013 08:28 PM


Originally Posted by F-BIRD'88 (Post 1629925)
Find two 650-700-750 matching DPs to use as donors to build you own custom HP 750's. (proform HP body kit)
This will build the most power and response once dialed in.

Or two edelbrock 1407's.. The vacuum carbs 600-750-780 will need a ton of rework to get them to do more than run. But they will run on it.
Small side hung bowls allow inline mounting. Or secondary metering plates allow inline mounting with centerhung bowls (like the 660's x2).

Every carb pair you end up with will need fine tuning to get them right. A AFR gauge and a vacuum gauge and lots of drive testing and tuning. Its up to you as to how well it works. (effort)
A a pair of the 660 centersquirters are the closest to being correct out of the box.

Edelbrocks can work very well. The 750 would be my choice and recomendation if you go that route.

So if my choice was 2 600vs holleys, vs 2 750dp holleys, the tune is going to be easier, and its going to make more power with the double pumpers?
And yes, I knew there was going to be some effort with pv's and jetting etc to get them right. I'm OK with that
What did you think of the combo overall, assuming bodix/summit heads? Cam, compression etc....I'm hoping to turn it to 6500+ occasionally and would like to see an honest 400+ HP from 360ci.

bygddy 01-02-2013 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by F-BIRD'88 (Post 1629947)
When the IK200's actual price from your source turned out to be more than what they told you
before, why did you not bother to pick up the phone and call someone else?
The price of the IK200's has not changed at summit in 6 months
The summit 200cc head is identical for $1000.
These are twice the head of the Dart SHP 200 .

You got caught in a "bait and switch". Typical of Canadian retailers.
This is why I shop in the US for performance parts.
Better service, better prices. They have what you want, when you want it and for the price you want to pay.
Not sure where or how you are saving money as the Lunati cam is currently priced at over $200 US.

(The isky solids are much better too.) Isky 201534

That Isky is very similar to the lunati I was looking at, but 70$ cheaper....I have never used one, and don't have any experience with them which is why I hadn't looked.....little lower on lift but could always go to a 1.6 rocker if i wanted....

bygddy 01-02-2013 09:03 PM


Originally Posted by F-BIRD'88 (Post 1629959)
look at the valve lash , do the math its the same net lift.
if you ordered a rebuild kit from summit why did you not look into these
other parts at the same time. @ summit.?
You seem all over the planet and seem to be being pulled to what ever is stuck under your nose
like a used tunnel ram....

Lol.....not at all actually, I researched, I decided to keep the big van, and then decided what I wanted it to do, and how I wanted it to look, and perform, and I kept coming back to hoodless, and a tunnel ram....and really.....I blame you, every GD time I searched tunnel ram on Google, it kept coming back to you....and your many positive posts on them....;)
So if you feel like busting my balls I'm blaming you lol....and it wasnt stuck under my nose, i activily went looking for it. As for why I didn't order more today from summit, I had already paid for the intake, and hadnt planned on ordering anything right now, but had sold some g-body parts I had so had a bit of cash on me...when my parts manager ordered his rebuild kit today, I simply had him double it. So back to the begining, 750dp's, or the 600vs.....if you had to choose.....which makes more sense? And how do you think this thing is going to work?
Yes......I'm a pain.....I know this

vinniekq2 01-02-2013 09:05 PM

SHP Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads
Starting at:
Dart’s SHP cylinder heads provide a low cost option to those looking for the weight savings of an aluminum head for a street performance engine.
523,retail assembled locally?
not sure if thats what you were quoted?

Ive used isky cams,last one was a Z-55

bygddy 01-02-2013 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by F-BIRD'88 (Post 1629964)
Too bad you could not see the beauty and simplicity and assume power of the blower motor.?
You have most of the parts required already.
Now you are going to buy a head and rework it?
Whats the differnce from porting a 234cfm dart shp head from porting a 920 head
to more than 234cfm

Typical is 240-250 ( non profession home porting 2.02x1.60) on the 920 head.

Yup thats the data I got on those heads 234cfm in 170ex.

I got my friend to port one port on his 920 heads. after showing him a few simple basics and the basic port form he was seeking. ( I showed him one of my finished 305 heads) He had never touched a cylinder head in his life. He spent 1.5 hours on a intake port. remember he has never touched a head before.
After 1 hour of his work I flow tested his 1 intake port with the stock 1.94 valve, stock OEdM valve job, just his porting.

I do, and would love to try one some day, but I just wasn't feeling it, its not like I'm going to toss these heads, and I'm using the spare motor I had for this tunnel ram build, so I will still port the heads,and still at some point rebuild this motor,and if i want to go blower, I will sell the panel, and buy something else and try a blower motor....all is not lost, I just want no hood, lots of motor, and love a tunnel ram so i figure I will try it.

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