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Lounct 10-25-2012 03:01 PM

turn key, no crank
66 Dodge Cornet 318 ..Came home from a car show, parked in the driveway,, went out to put car away turned key, starter di not engage, had good juice to lights and radio, tried a few more times. moved shiifter (automaic on cloumn) into nuetral, nothing I must have tried ten times..Came back in ten minuted car started , and started 20 more time over next five days, it did it again, then when I put the test on the small nut on starter , car cranked, and again three days ago,.,,,seemes like when it does it, and i go to test it , im gronding the small nut to the chassis ,,All conections are tight & battery test full.. Oh, and I did replace the starter three months ago, when we installed mopar electronic ignition kit, wit the new ballast, and small box that goes on the fire wall.. I drove the car 600 miles no issues .so this is Russian Roulette if i go out,,,I have the car on jackstands so when it does it, i can go right under the car.....any ideas????PLEASE

E.Furgal 10-25-2012 03:10 PM

it's a mopar, check the ballast..

S10 Racer 10-25-2012 03:18 PM

Check all starter connections for tight with no corrosion and make sure you have a good ground. You should have a ground to the engine from the battery and a ground from the engine to the chassis and ground from engine or chassis to the body (you can't have too many grounds IMO). It could also be the ignition switch or neutral safety switch going South.

boothboy 10-25-2012 03:27 PM

Do all the things suggested, there all good. The next time it does it stop trying to start it. Get some one to hold the key in the start position and tap the starter with a hammer . If it starts replace the starter. If not back to square one. I would also clean the battery terminals. It can't hurt and can also cause intermittent starting. Don't take anything for granted.

vicrod 10-25-2012 05:20 PM

X2 on clean the battery cable connections. Better yet replace the battery cables. Unseen corrosion can occur inside the terminal lugs which can cause the problem you describe.


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