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Two questions about a BBC

Hi guys.

I have a 454 in my 71 Nova and I had a two questions I hope you all can help me with.

First one is:

I have a Griffin 2 core aluminum radiator in the car, along with my mechanical fan and a fan shroud. I also have an electric fan inbetween the grill and the radiator, which I believe is called a "pusher". I have searched through the other threads and seen this a few times, but could the pusher fan be hurting more than helping? I have the fan rigged on a toggle switch and I shut it off at highway speeds, then turn it on at a stoplight/drivethru. Would that be the best thing to do? Like I am doing it now? I do not have room to put the fan anywhere else. Right now the motor does not really run hot, with its cruising temp about 180 and it creeps to about 200 at a drive-thru, but it is only in the high 80's here right now, and it will be in the high 90's/low 100's here before too long and I dont know if the motor will start running hot when that happens. Would it be worth it to run a bottle of "Redline Water Wetter" in the radiator, or some "Purple Ice"? I know there are different opinions as to wether the stuff works or not, but even if it helps cool 4-5 degrees, thats something right? (Sorry for all the questions)

The second main questions I had is this:

What weight synthetic motor oil should I use in my motor? The motor is professionally rebuilt on the bottom end, rebuilt to stock, and has aftermarket heads/cam/intake, etc. to the tune of where it is pushing around 425 flywheel horsepower. The temperature around here never sees anything below 30 degrees, (no really cold starts) and regularly sees the high 90s in the summer. Right now I'm having a problem with my heads holding oil and I think by switching to a different weight oil it may help my problem. Right now I run 20w-50 but I was thinking of maybe switching to a 10w-30?

Thanks alot for any help you guys can give. It is VERY much appreciated.

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