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I've been told some doozy's in my time.
There was a fella in my neighborhood with a sbc for sale, advertised as a 350
which is what he was told it was. I went and looked at it and had my book of casting numbers with me. It looked like a 305 to me. Sure enough the casting numbers confirmed it. Another guy in my neighborhood looked at it who knew absolutely nothing about engines except cubic inches said it was a 350, I asked him how he came to that conclusion and he said "Don't you know? all 350's from 1962 to 1972 were blue" I didn't bother to tell the jerk they didn't even make a 350 until 1967. But I sure wish I had that awesome skill, look at the paint color and know the cubic inches!
There's plenty of other mythical legends and they are still going strong to this day and they are:
"Vette engine" - People believe ALL corvettes came with a high performance engine. I'm still waiting to find that field full of corvettes with the front end riding high from the engine being pulled but the rest of the car in perfect A-1 shape and why was the engine pulled? Cause it's a "vette" engine.
"350 4 bolt main" - Yes, the infamous 4 bolt main, those extra six bolts add a 100 horsepower.
"3/4 cam" - This one still makes me laugh. When I get told by someone they have one I ask them where did they get 3/4 of a engine from.
"Police Interceptor" - Another classic, the so called PI engines had so much horsepower it's unmeasureable because the police got to have special cars that the public can't get or build.
"Positraction rearend" - In there eyes, this means a solid locked spool. And by some miracle it adds horsepower plus they came in factory cars.
"Pop up pistons" - They tell me it's got pop up pistons and 11:1 compression while they're pumping 87 octane in the tank.
And now,, THE LEGEND (Drum roll please)
"350 Rocket" - Yes the famous Rocket, Don't matter what year, don't matter what it's in, don't matter period. It makes unimagineable horsepower. Won't blow up, will out run anything, including the vette engine and the police interceptor,,, all engines fall before it's brute power, it's the ultimate drag strip intimidator, see that guy over there with the blown 502 big block? Go tell him you wanna run'em, when you tell'em you got a 350 Rocket, he'll studder and stammer then make up a excuse that he's got a cake burning at home,,, It also gives the owner incredible intimidation powers,, That's right,, thats the respect the Lendary 350 rocket gets no matter where it goes. I've had young guys to old men and all ages inbetween tell me the legend of the 350 Rocket. And you know, as famous as they are and going by how many people have told me they have one I haven't seen one yet!
So now days when I run into any of these clowns speaking this garbage I tell them I have a "350 rocket 4 bolt main police interceptor vette motor with a 3/4 cam and pop up pistons"
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