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[QUOTE]Originally posted by lluciano77
[B]Thes baord has an exellent spel shecker to da ryght of the Submiit
Repli box.

Et mayks us bad spelers seam a littl mor edjumacated!

15 years ago i built my flow bench, you could say i've flowed a few thousand cubes of air.
Iv'e learned a thing or to, biuldt some real, not imagened horse power and set fast time more often than not.

you want to look at the content and not how it's spelt you mite find something you can use.
Ask me a question, tap my expereance. Ask me were the air flows in a chevy port.
I dont care if i seem edjumacated!

As for the 15* top cut it's true you will pick up some flow numbers but theres another trick that picks up more power, and that is to
cut it flat and leave a little steap or edge, that way feul that has fallen out of suspention and is crawling along the walls/floor and over the seat is torn back into the air stream when it hits this edge, its reatomized with air and not as dependent on the compression stroke to be forced over to vapor. The more vaporus
the envroment the better the burn the more power.
If you look at some factory GM heads you'll see it there
its done for emissions!
LeGerra Machine
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