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Lars Sorensen 05-20-2004 12:44 PM

Unusual Power Steering Conversion
Have a 66 Fairlane GT/A (390, automatic). It has stock manual steering which is TERRIBLE (heavy and way too low geared).
Tried a setup using the period power steup which uses the same box and a power cylinder but the results were no better.
Can find nothing nowhere to help me out.
What I really want is a high geared (3 turns) power assisted steering.
I have very limited access to scrapyards and to donor cars locally but I have some Saginaw PS components.
Has anyone any experience with these GM units in my type of Ford? What about a rack pinion power setup? (Mustang maybe?)
My car is otherwise stock/original, apart from power disc brakes.

Help, this car is a barge to drive!!
Thanks for any help!!

KULTULZ 05-20-2004 01:42 PM

There is a quicker steering box for power;

65-66 Comet and Fairlane

HCA BZ Power 16:1 Ratio 3 3/4 Turns

HCA CA Manual 22:1 Ratio 6 Turns

So you see the difference.

Do you want to try the correct box or do you need further information?

Is this the type of power assist you installed?

Lars Sorensen 05-20-2004 01:49 PM

Unusual power steering conversion
thanks for that info! Indeed, there's no comparison between those steering boxes you mention. I do not know if mine is the HCA CA or another.

Yes, the PS I installed is the same as the one on your drawing and I don't like it.

I really doubt much I could get hold of a HCA CZ box and would much prefer a modern conversion or adaption. Any ideas?

Many thanks!!

KULTULZ 05-20-2004 02:00 PM

Well...It's not FORD and it is a little expensive;


Lars Sorensen 05-20-2004 02:43 PM

Thanks again for the help!
I had heard of the TPC people and I saw your attached page again, however, the rack & pinion box seems to be under development still.
Then there is also the Flaming River alternative and I wonder if it is suitable for the Fairlane and if it can be used with the Saginaw pump?

Lars (also 56)

EBlack36 05-20-2004 02:57 PM

I have been following a story about TCP over on the forum and it seems as if they have now closed there doors.

Lars Sorensen 05-20-2004 03:07 PM

No wonder they haven't replied my emails then!


PS: this leaves me back in square one!!!

KULTULZ 05-20-2004 06:05 PM


Originally posted by EBlack36

I have been following a story about TCP over on the forum and it seems as if they have now closed there doors.

That's going to hurt as they did have some nice products...

Let me ask you Lars if I may...

Are you wanting to keep the car fairly origional or does certain modifications not bother you? And what product does Flaming River offer that interests you?

Lars Sorensen 05-21-2004 07:16 PM

Unusual PS swap

naturally you may ask any questions!
I wanted to keep the car 99% original in the beginning but as I had to improve on the brakes (still working on them) and the steering in oirder to make the car "driver-firendly", I am making a small concession to originality. I donŽt mind at all as long as the car is quick & fun to drive.

I had an interest in Flaming River because they have a couple steering boxes that have a reasonably quick ratio. They are not suitable for my car, though. (It doesn't seem so at least.)

I think I have tried all possible options but will not give up....maybe IŽll end up with a Saginaw in the car.
In the meantime, I am listening to any good advice!


PS: I had a little trouble loggin in from my home PC but made it.

KULTULZ 05-22-2004 04:13 AM

If you are not concerned with the origionality of the car, you have two other options, both of them fairly drastic. The first is the MUST II conversion as to where you do away with the aprons and revert to four control arms, rack and disc. And the second is a strut retrofit (from a FOX Mustang) that will give you a rack and up to 13" front discs if you want to go that far.

How hard is it to bring in parts from the states to Chile? Simplicity would be the P/S box as you already have all of the power assist linkage.


Lars Sorensen 05-22-2004 07:11 PM


Thanks for the continued help!!!
Your two suggestions sound good but a bit drastic in my case as they involve lots of work (and expense). I am not 100% sure about how the 2nd suggestion would look but it does seem slightly more complicated than the Mustang II way(??).
Do you know where I can find further info on these items? (Any web page?)

I would frankly opt for some quick steering box solution but of course the problem is precisely finding one!
I cannot get much help locally (other than Saginaw parts or something along those lines) as this is strictly a Euro/Orient car country!
As to your question it is no problem to buy parts from the USA but they get pretty expensive when shipping, handling + customs dues (!!) are added!
That Fairlane site seems great, I'll have a look!

Many thanks!

KULTULZ 05-23-2004 12:16 AM

MUST II Conversion;


FOX Strut Conversion;


A few years ago, there was a guy that was modifying FOX (late MUSTANG) to a lower/upper control arm arrangement and modified the steering knuckle to accept an upper ball joint stud. I didn't keep up with his work as I simply got tired of MUSTANGS but this would be the answer.

Create a cradle to hold the lower control arms and rack from a FOX body. I will try to find that information in the next few days.

Peruse that FAIRLANE site and see if you can locate a power box. If it was mine, that is what I would do. If you need any help locating one, let me know.

Lars Sorensen 05-23-2004 04:15 PM


Thanks for the feedback. The FOX mod sounds really nice but it is too radical for my possibilities & knowledge.

IŽll get into that Fairlane site as mentioned.

How can I locate you later on if I find I have to accept your offer of help for locating a PS box?


KULTULZ 05-23-2004 06:48 PM


How can I locate you later on if I find I have to accept your offer of help for locating a PS box?
Either post on this thread, send me a private message or an E-Mail. It is listed.

KULTULZ 05-24-2004 03:06 PM

-This URL- has information on a TAURUS R&P (rear steer) changeover.

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