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Update on Hi-Flow water pump

I wanted to let everyone know about my Milodon (Made in Viet Nam) after-market water pump installation and the results.

Its definitely a welcome add-on that improves water circulation and decreases the time it takes to warm up the engine. I also added a 180 degree thermostat. It heats up to 180-185 degrees, on the money, and it parks there even in idle and bumper to bumper. Its a great improvement over the OEM pump that was on the truck. Its a new one, and I paid $80 (free shipping) at Summit for this one, and I am completely satisfied.

BTW, I am using a cheapie SunPro gauge set, and I must also add that this was a very good minor investment (some $39 at Advance). These gauges are accurate as all heck. I was totally surprised to see this kind of accuracy out of cheapie parts.

I have some pics I will post of the 351-C with the front end pulled off. You can clearly see the differences between the Cleveland engines and the other Ford engines with the front end off. Its real handy that you can replace the front seal without dropping the pan.

I found a few surprises, when I did this. It seems there were two seperate engine "mod" sessions. The most recent was the monkey swap that I am perenially trying to correct as I go along.

But I also discovered a more sophisticated hand at work. I see what looks like replaced head gaskets. I also noticed that the timing cover has been removed and resealed with some "blue" poly sealant. This is the same sealant that was used for the valve cover gaskets and the intake manifold. Because this looks so recent and well done, I did not remove the timing cover to replace the gasket. I just replaced the water pump. If anyone might preadventure a guess as to what might have been done in this "more serious" engine rehab, please advise.

Another note to this matter...I have toyed with the timing off and on, but there is ONLY ONE setting that works, and that is the stock 8 degrees BTDC. Any other timing setting, advanced or retarded, even as little as 2 degrees, will either destroy the idle or cause serious "pinging". I don't have a problem with 8 BTDC, but I found it unusual that it is so tight, and there is no range whatsoever. This is not an engine you can "dial-in" by have to use the instruments. But aside from this, when it is on 8 BTDC, it runs and idles beautifully.

Among my other discoveries: an OEM fan pulley stamped 1972, an OEM alternator bracket stamped 1970, another OEM alternator bracket stamped 1971, and an OEM power steering bracket stamped 1973. This goes along with the OEM exhaust manifold stamp of 1972, and the totally wrong OEM 1973 intake manifold. This vehicle reminds me of the old Johnny Cash song, "One Piece at a Time."

So far, the truck has a combination of 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, and 1979 pieces and parts. WIth these recent discoveries, I am going to do a little inspecting underneath to see what other date stamps show up. I am sticking to all upgrades and settings to the 1970 model year which seems to be working fine.
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