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Likewise, I definitely offer the "props" for the Nam vets. It was a heck of a mess to be stuck in, both physically and politically. A no-win situation. Talk about being "whipped". Eighteen months in the rice fields and napalm only to come home to be greeted by mass-harassment from potheads and junkies. And what a lie that so-called "social revolution" was (yeah...the Beatles "Revolution" being played for Nike sneakers...some revolution!), but I better not get into that.

Woodz: I was thinking the same on the cam swap. I am also hypothesizing that is why I have to keep the timing real tight. The low idle problem required many many MANY hours of troubleshooting, taking off the intake and carb, and giving myself one wailing backache, on an entire Sunday afternoon. Gawd all the test driving and stalling...I was really a basket case. But I finally got it to idle real nice.

Now when I low idle in drive, it "feels" like it gets so low it is going to stall, but when it is fully warmed up, it drops into this really sweet sounding low-pitch rumble. Not like your smooth sounding 305/350 factory idle, but a "thump-thump-thump-thump" heartbeat sounding kind of idle, and it does not stall. I also have a single "tick" sound mixed in that is coming from the exhaust manifold because its missing a bolt, but I really love the way it sounds "mean" at idle, and haven't put another bolt in. I just have to adjust the carb and choke a little better to get the "intermediate" warm-up period smooth (like the first 10-15 minutes after cold start).

So, short of pulling the top of the engine apart with it running so nice, how could I determine if I have a modified cam?

Also, I could have swore I read that CS was involved with the 428 design, along with the 351-C. It was just reading material for sure, and it could have been wrong. Or maybe its a "brain fart" or soimething. But I like to be sure about what I read and post, and am pretty heavy into learning about the Pony cars. Back then, I was probably just a fetus so my first-hand experience is a bit limited.
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