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There is nothing curious about deleting (editing/censoring) the written word, the reasons can only be guessed at by me, the forum editor refuses to openly explain and stand up to scrutiny. What is there to hide?

I am not using this forum "yet again' for any self serving interest other than to try to right a wrong, if that is offensive, then so be it!

It is easy to post favorable comments using a friend, yet when one does so openly under one's own name it is criticised as self serving promotion?

You are right, the last post was a while ago, but the wrong has been allowed to stand and time does not make it right. If this happened to you, how would you like it?

This is no grab for free advertising or promotion. This has proved to be the wrong forum for that and as far as breaking the rules of the forum are concerned, I acknowledge that I was wrong. I was new to the internet, possibly naive and foolish and have apologised for my error.

The forum editor chose to disregard the apology and has left all reference to my name and the company name on the thread when it could have easily been deleted so as to preserve the 'commercial integrity' of the forum.

To slag off or insult someone or an organisation in writing without any reason is wrong. The person or organisation so wronged should be allowed to right the wrong without interference or censorship and for the forum editor to allow this defamation to remain in print simply aids and abets the perpetrators and is morally and legally wrong.

The righting of a wrong is a strongly held belief and the right to free speech is in no way impinged by the laws of defamation nor the moral principal of allowing the injured or wronged party to set the record straight.

I understand that this principal may not be shared by everyone.
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